Tack UV/LED Bonding Agent

Tack is an UV/LED-cured bonding agent that cures with an ultra-sticky residue. 

This residue provides an extremely strong foundation for all nail enhancements. Our new Tack formulation increases adhesion and wearability.

Product Benefits

  • Creates great adhesion to the natural nail.
  • Creates great adhesion to plastic tips, eliminating the need to etch the plastic tip.
  • Hides small lift lines and blends them in with the natural nail.
  • Extremely versatile — works with most clients’ fingernails.
  • Can be applied to the natural nail or existing enhancements.

⚠️ SHIPPING NOTE—Cannot be flown due to flammable content. Orders containing this item will default to ground shipping. If you need non-flammable items more quickly, please order this item separately. This item does not ship internationally or to non-contiguous US states or territories. A small charge of $4.95 is added to UPS SurePost orders containing flammable goods on orders under $99 ⚠️

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