The number one question we are asked about the Lexy Line is, “Why are there so many Lexy Line products?” The answer is simple: We have a gel perfect for every nail professional AND client. This means that we’ve formulated a gel to match your application speed and service type as well as the skin tone of your client.

While our wide selection of structure gels is loved by experienced Light Elegance nail professionals, we know that it can be a bit overwhelming for pros just getting to know the line. That’s why we have created this graph with a simple approach for those new to the LE lineup.

Keep in mind that Lexy Line gels are very versatile and can be used in creative ways to achieve all kinds of different nail structures and shapes using different gels. Use the graph to guide you as you explore the Lexy Line and find the best gel for your service and application speed!

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Why choose JimmyGel?

The latest revolutionary gel from Light Elegance has arrived, and JimmyGel promises to change salon services everywhere. Formulated by and named after Light Elegance owner and head chemist, Jim McConnell, JimmyGel is a soak-off building gel in a bottle that can perform services ranging from fast natural nail manicures to elegant extensions with ease.

JimmyGel is formulated to soak-off for complete product removal, but it is unique in the fact that it can be used under either soak-off gel polish or hard gel products. Now clients that want 4+ week wear offered by hard gels and the ability to completely remove their enhancements without filing on the natural nail can have it all.

• Great for clients that want to know they can fully remove their enhancement without filing

• Strong and flexible enough for fast, gorgeous extensions

• Use under any LE color system or Lexy Line gel for ultimate versatility in a soak-off gel

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All Light Elegance Gels are 100% HEMA-free and manufactured responsibly in Redmond, OR