how do I choose an LE Color System?

You’ve just created a beautifully structured and shaped nail foundation using the Lexy Line or JimmyGel, and now you’re curious which of the LE color systems to apply next. You are in luck!

We have an option perfect to fit your application style, art style and removal requirements.

No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that all Light Elegance gels are 100% free of HEMA monomer and are responsibly manufactured in Redmond, OR!

Why Choose ButterCream?

LE ButterCreams combine gorgeous one-coat coverage, thin application and the ability to create detailed line artwork all in one 5 ml jar.

• One-coat coverage for faster services

• Comprehensive color selection containing everything from classic nudes and neutrals to trendy, neon colors perfect to match your client

• Thin application makes color removal fast and easy using a hand or eFile for effortless fills

• Apply ButterCream to a fully structured nail

• 96+ colors in 2020

• 4+ week wear

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Why Choose Color & Glitter Gels?

Award winning LE Color and Glitter Gels provide the most forgiving application and largest selection of shades.

• Choose from a huge selection of 200+ shades

• LE Color and Glitter Gels add strength to the nail—use less Lexy Line or JimmyGel and let Color and Glitter Gel do the rest

• File-off removal using a hand or eFile

• Apply LE Glitter Gel over Color Gel for endless combinations of sparkle over beautiful backdrops

• 4+ week wear

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Why Choose P+ Gel Polish?

✨ 21+ Day Wear over JimmyGel, P+ QDbase, hard gel or acrylic
✨ Responsibly Manufactured in Redmond, Oregon
✨ Higher opacity for thinner application⁣
✨ Premium brush for silky-smooth application
✨ 36 launch colors including 12 all-new Timeless shades⁣
✨ Twice the glitter in every bottle⁣
✨ Ideal balance of strength and flexibility 
✨ 9-FREE, HEMA Monomer FREE, Cruelty Free, Vegan & Gluten Free
✨ 15 ml size and seasonal 6-packs available
✨ 4+ on-trend collections released each year

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