*Please note that Light Elegance University (LEU) and LEU Bachelor's Degree are not accredited by the US Department of Education or any Ministries of Education in Canada. No credits earned at LEU are transferrable to or recognized by any state or education bodies and are intended for skill development of nail professionals only.

Welcome to Light Elegance University! We’re proud to introduce this exciting overhaul of Light Elegance Education and have designed a program that guarantees the success of LE students in mastering the LE product line, proper technique and shaping for every nail type. This page outlines the LEU program goals, program structure and program degrees.

LEU Program Goals

It is the mission of Light Elegance University to produce graduates that create nails of world-class quality. LEU picks-up where beauty schools end and delivers a curriculum filled with extensive real-world knowledge broken down into four main categories: LE product knowledge and chemistry, application technique, natural nail type and finished nail shape. By combining an intensive education program with high-quality LE products, it is the goal of LEU to provide its students with everything they need to build a client base and grow their salon businesses. 

LEU Program Structure

Light Elegance University is patterned after other institutions of higher learning in terms of class organization and degree programs. Much like other universities, LEU courses are numbered in order to show level of difficulty and order in which courses must be taken:

100 level courses are considered introductory and will include classes such as LE 101: The Light Elegance Total Tour.

200 level courses are hands-on classes and require taking one or more 100 level courses as prerequisites.

300 level courses are electives to be taken at any time and have no prerequisites unless otherwise indicated in the course description. 300 level courses will be added frequently to support new LE products and techniques.

400 level courses are considered senior level and require completion of 100, 200 and 300 level courses as indicated in the course description. 400 level courses also include exam opportunities to earn Bachelor’s Degrees. More information about exams can be found in the degree descriptions below and also in the class descriptions for 400 level classes.


The LEU Bachelor's Degree

The primary degree offered by LEU is a Bachelor’s Degree. The LEU Bachelor’s Degree is awarded to students that not only complete various LEU courses but also have demonstrated mastery of course material by passing an exam offered at the end of the LE 401: Senior Seminar and Evaluation course. 

The LEU Bachelor’s Degree exam is administered and graded by an LE Educator and is optional for students having completed all required courses. By completing LE 101, LE 201, any 300 level elective course, and LE 401, a student becomes eligible to take the test. 

Because LEU is committed to every student’s success, LEU is offering all students that have completed LE 401 and either fail the test or don’t feel prepared to take the test yet the opportunity to repeat any courses they have previously paid for free of charge. This opportunity offers all students ample time to polish their skills and earn their Bachelor’s Degree.

All students who pass the test and earn their Bachelor’s Degree receive a personalized, engraved plaque as commemoration of their achievement to display in their salon. The plaque is provided by Light Elegance free-of-charge to the student. Students will also receive individual paper certificates for completing each course.

The LEU Master's Degree

LEU Master's Degree Courses are Coming Soon!

For Bachelor’s Degree recipients, LEU also offers a Master’s Degree. The LE Master’s Degree is awarded to students that complete additional coursework after receiving their Bachelor’s Degree. This coursework includes additional elective courses that may be completed at Educator-led classes or online. The completion of five additional LEU electives is required for a LEU Master’s Degree.

An additional plaque will accompany the Master’s Degree, and the recipient of the degree will also receive recognition from LE in the form of acknowledgment on LE social media, special recognition of Master’s status on the LE Salon Locator and additional LE marketing materials for the graduate’s salon.

View the upcoming class calendar here.