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All About Tack Bonding Agent | Better Adhesion & Longer Lasting Nails

All About Tack Bonding Agent | Better Adhesion & Longer Lasting Nails

Meet Light Elegance Tack – your key to long-lasting nail enhancements!
This UV/LED-cured bonding agent leaves an ultra-sticky residue, ensuring a robust foundation for long-lasting results.

Key Features & Benefits

Ultra-Sticky Bond: Tack's residue provides unmatched adhesion and wearability, keeping your nail enhancements in place with confidence.

Versatile Application: Achieve excellent adhesion to both natural nails and plastic tips, eliminating the need to etch plastic tips. Tack also seamlessly conceals small lift lines for a flawless finish.

Client-Friendly: Suitable for most clients' fingernails, Tack is your reliable choice for various applications on natural nails or existing enhancements.

Convenient Options: Available in a 15 ml bottle with a brush for precise application or a 30 ml refill (without a brush) for an economical choice.

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Educational Tips & Tricks

  1. Cleanse the Nail
    - Moisten a lint-free LEpro Cleansing Wipe with LEpro Cleanser.
    - Gently cleanse the nail surface to remove any impurities or residue.
  1. Loosen Keratinized Proximal Nail Fold (KPNF), also known as the Surrounding Skin
    - With a gentle touch, gently use the LE Cuticle Pusher to loosen the KPNF around the nail plate, including the proximal nail fold and lateral folds (sidewalls). Then, gently remove all of the cuticles attached to each nail plate.
  1. Remove Shine
    - Using the 100-grit side of the LE Perfect File, lightly buff the natural nail or existing enhancement to remove shine without applying excessive pressure.

    Take a look at our recommended prep here!
  1. Dust Removal
    - Brush away any dust particles using the LE Duster Brush.
    - Cleanse the nail again with LEpro Cleanser and a fresh LEpro Cleansing Wipe to ensure a clean surface.
  1. Application of Tack
    - Apply a thin coat of Tack by scrubbing it into the entire nail bed, ensuring to cap the free edge for complete coverage.
  1. Curing Process
    - Cure for 30 seconds in the LEDdot or MiniDot (Cure 2 mins in a UV lamp)
  1. Leave Sticky Residue
    - After curing, leave the sticky residue (an adhesive layer) on the cured fingernail. (Do not cleanse it off)
  1. Apply Desired Gel
    - Apply your chosen gel product directly over the sticky Tack surface. The gel will adhere to the sticky layer for proper adhesion and enhancement.

 In this video, you can see Tack is applied prior to the Lexy Line application.

Following these steps in the Light Elegance prep method will ensure the nail surface is properly cleansed, prepared, and ready for the application of gel products.

Using Tack to etch full cover plastic tips before application:

  1. Prepare Natural Nails
    - Follow the steps for preparing the natural nail as per the Light Elegance prep method.
  1. Apply Tack to Natural Nails
    -Apply Tack sparingly onto the natural nails, ensuring it's lightly scrubbed into the nail surface. The prep marks should remain visible.
  1. Cure Tack on Natural Nails
    - Cure the Tack layer on the natural nails using the LEDdot or MiniDot curing lamp for 30 seconds. Ensure proper curing to establish adhesion and enhancement.
  1. Apply Tack to the Inside of Plastic Tips
    - Flip the plastic tips over.
    - Sparingly apply Tack to the inside of the tips, specifically in the area that will come in contact with the natural nail plate.
  1. Cure Tack on the Inside of Tips
    - Cure the Tack layer on the inside of the plastic tips using the LEDdot or MiniDot curing lamp for 30 seconds.

By following these steps meticulously, you'll effectively use Tack to etch plastic tips, ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond between the tips and the natural nail plate.

Pro Tips:
- When applying Tack in addition to Airbond or Vitaprime, apply and cure Tack last
- Tack can be used with JimmyGel, Lexy Line or Acrylic
- Always remember to cap the free edge

-Tack is not a soak-off product. It is formulated to increase adhesion and will therefore increase soak-off times if used with a soak-off gel

-Tack is a liquid with a water-like consistency that should be UV/LED cured

-When using Tack with JimmyGel, remember it will increase adhesion and therefore increase the soak-off time

If you have more questions about Tack Bonding Agent, please feel free to give us a call at LEHQ or join our Facebook Group, #NewtoLE to get support from Nail Pros all around the world who use LE! 

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You can also save 5% when you purchase the Tack + Refill Bundle Here! 

Why is Light Elegance HEMA Free? While many brands use it for adhesion and lowering costs, we avoid it along with HEA and IBOA to drastically lower the risk of allergies. Small molecular sized monomers like HEMA are known to penetrate the skin more easily than our state-of-the-art formulations high in premium oligomers, cause irritation and often lead to nail allergies. 

At Light Elegance, we prioritize quality and safety. We manufacture products from scratch here in Redmond, Oregon with high-quality ingredients to minimize allergic responses for industry safety. We believe, What's Inside Matters!

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