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Why Do Nail Pros Choose LEU? REAL Reviews from Pros

Why Do Nail Pros Choose LEU? REAL Reviews from Pros

The Light Elegance University Bachelor's Degree Program is designed to pick-up where beauty schools end and deliver a curriculum filled with extensive real-world knowledge! By combining an intensive education program with high-quality LE products, it is the goal of LEU to provide its students with everything they need to build a client base and grow their salon businesses.

✅  Enhance your salon business
✅  Save time & money on every service
✅  World-Class instruction from LE Educators
✅  Access your online education anytime, anywhere
✅  Light Elegance product mastery
✅  Exclusive LE application techniques
✅  LEU Bachelor’s Degree engraved plaque
✅  Certificates for course completion

The LEU Bachelor's Degree Program can be completed online from anywhere in the world, but LE also hosts in-person classes throughout the year and you can view the upcoming classes here!

Read on to find out what Nail Pros are saying about the LEU Bachelor's Degree Program!

"Today I am officially part of the Light Elegance family! I graduated!!

I have to admit it was a challenge learning a new product, Light Elegance products are superb, and worth the effort. Darcy and Jayne were so helpful, they are great teachers, giving constructive and helpful suggestions when I needed it. I am so thankful they were very patient and helpful. Thank you to everyone at Light Elegance, it was a great experience, I'm looking forward to learning more!"

"Thank you all so much for this amazing opportunity! I learned so much during this course. 

I have been a licensed tech for 28 years. However, been doing my own nails since I was 3-4 years old. At that time it started with using my mom's scotch tape and scissor to extend my teeny tiny nails and then I would paint them red. I was always so proud of myself. Years later in junior high and high school every night before bed I would file and repaint my nails (I hated the paint chipping). Once I graduated high school, not wanting anything to do with college, I decided to go to school become a nail tech. I didn't learn much about Gel, so it was Acrylic that I specialized in until 2009, until I stopped by the Light Elegance booth in Las Vegas. More clients were wanting gel, since the crash of 2008, so I figured I would take shot at it. I didn't love Gel at all (it's SO different than Acrylic, which I am pretty sure I could do in my sleep). I practiced and did alright, but not great when I look at my Acrylic knowledge and expertise... but no clients were unhappy with my work. I have never been very comfortable or confident doing Gel and always scheduled out double the time. 

Since the COVID closures in 2020, I watched an endless number of lives and virtual trade shows with Light Elegance. That's when I started to take my Gel knowledge up a notch. The LEU Bachelor’s Degree course peaked my interest but I was terrified. So, I keep putting it off. One day, while with a client doing a hard gel fill, in my head I was lecturing myself (I had no reason to be scared, I have been a nail tech for most of my life... I GOT THIS!). That week I signed up. It did take me longer than I wanted to,  again, because I was terrified of the final exam and not passing (all of the Light Elegance educators and ambassadors are so very talented, I was definitely intimidated). I practiced and practiced and practiced some more... failing was not an option! Not going to lie, I didn't sleep for a week waiting for my one-on-one with Darcy. 

Thanks to the information in the LEU Bachelor’s Degree course, I now can do my full sets and fills with Gel in the same amount of time as Acrylic. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, became more comfortable and way more confident in my ability to work with hard gel. 
Thank you to all you, so much... Light Elegance is the best brand ever with the best team. You guys are so wonderful and fun! I am honored to have the LEU Bachelor’s Degree!"

So, are you ready to take your nail profession to the next level and enhance your techniques? Here's how it works!

1️⃣ LE 101: Learn the entire product line including the chemistry and tools that make LE so special!

2️⃣ LE 201: Perfect your nail enhancements and shaping.

3️⃣ Any LE 300 level course: Take an elective! From Nail Art to Glitter Gels, electives are fun and creative.

4️⃣ LE 401: Work one-on-one with an LE Educator to perfect all of your techniques using LE.

5️⃣ Pass the written and hands-on exam to receive your personalized LEU plaque! 

Sign up today and enhance your nail career today! 
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