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This is why we believe What's Inside Matters...REAL Nail Pro Testimonials | HEMA Free Gel Nail Products

This is why we believe What's Inside Matters...REAL Nail Pro Testimonials | HEMA Free Gel Nail Products

Our leading team of innovative chemists are dedicated to creating the safest, most cutting edge products for Nail Pros and their clients! At Light Elegance, we believe What's Inside Matters and we are committed to crafting the cleanest Nail Products on the market to keep YOU (and clients) away from common allergens.

Do you know what is in your Nail Products? 

We do. That’s because we responsibly manufacture all of our gels ourselves in Redmond, Oregon using only premium ingredients and no HEMA monomer or other common allergenic ingredients. At Light Elegance, we believe What’s Inside Matters.

LE is always HEMA Monomer Free, 9-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Gluten-Free to offer high quality, less allergenic products for you and your clients.

Here are REAL testimonials from Nail Pros all over the world that have discovered LE and saved their nail career!

Light Elegance reviews 

“My allergy affected me greatly, to the point that even
my beautiful fingers became misshapen and my nails
were no longer strong. LE was a dream to me! NO
come back to getting my nails done once again! My
nails have gone back to normal, no allergies, no more
misshapen nails and fingers, no itchiness and best of
all, an overlay takes me 30 minutes to do!”


Light Elegance review 

“I am thoroughly enjoying using your products
and love that I can confidently use it knowing
I will not get any reactions. I had such a hard
time this last year and thought at one stage I
would never be able to teach or do nails again,
then came along Light Elegance!”

“I would like to start by sharing that Light Elegance
saved my nail career before it officially started!
I found out early in school that I had a severe
allergy to HEMA, blistering and all. I did research
and thanks to Liz and Talia, I started using LE!
Now it's the collection I use at the salon I opened!”

“I developed an allergy to opi acrylic monomer,
then all monomer. Next was gelish polish then
all gel polish. Then ibd hard gel. I found your
company and havent had any issues with the hard
gel or gel polish... or any of the top, base and
adhesion products. Thank you!”

“I am allergic to methacrylates but since
changing systems to LE my hands are now
almost clear. Thank you LE, I wouldn't know what
to do without you"


Did you know that in-house R&D at our Oregon-based facility means we create everything from scratch? The result? Responsible products that are vegan, cruelty-free, 9-free and HEMA Monomer free that make you free to express your creativity and wow your clients. We believe that what’s inside matters.

As always, proper product application techniques, adequate curing and using products only as directed are always advised for the ultimate safety of nail pros and clients.

Learn more about the fundamentals of Nail Chemistry and why What's Inside Matters from our Chemist Corner episodes with Co-Owner and Head Chemist, Jim McConnell. Watch Now


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Silke Oliver - November 14, 2022

I found out I’m allergic to 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate (HEMA) which cause me to get severe eczema on my hands to the point I even had to go to the emergency room. After testing and seeing an allergist it was confirmed that I’m highly allergic to my previous product I used. After researching I came across Light Elegance and I’m so lucky I did.
After switching product within 1 month my hands cleared up.
I’m so thankful that there is such an awesome product line out there for people like me. Plus the less chemicals the better anyways!!!
My initial contact was Voni and she’s amazing. I’m also very impressed that Leslie took time out of her day to call me herself as well.
You guys are awesome.
Most important I forgot to mention this product works better and it’s easier to use than anything else I have ever used.
I’m so happy 😊 I will be able to continue wearing nails!!!!

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