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Nail Pros REVIEW The Perfect Pair | JimmyGel and P+ Gel Polish

Nail Pros REVIEW The Perfect Pair | JimmyGel and P+ Gel Polish

JimmyGel and P+ Gel Polish make the perfect pair!
Find out what nail pros are saying about this soakable, dynamic-duo, JimmyGel and P+ Gel Polish

"This product has saved my weak nails and I recommend it to anyone who wants to wear their natural nails and it helps to grow out your natural nail also." - Joelle

The Perfect Pair | JimmyGel & P+ Gel Polish
✅ 21+ Day wear soak-off system
✅ Premium brushes for smooth application
✅ Self leveling for less filing and easy shaping
✅ Find a shade for every skin tone and color for any service
✅ HEMA-Free, 9-Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan, and Gluten Free

Save time and money with LE’s Perfect Pair that can truly do it all!

"Love using JimmyGel on the natural nail as an overlay to keep the nail strong and having the ability to use soft or hard products on it! This product works really well if someone’s nails are more bendy and the hard builders are too rigid for their nails, JimmyGel is just right! Thank you for such an easy enhancement product!"
- Ilona

"The color and consistency is really nice. It selfs level really smooth. You do not have to chase it and you can work with it nicely. If you are looking for a builder gel in a bottle, this is definitely the go to gel." - Marisol

"As I love every LE product for different reasons, I am most impressed and in love with the P+ line for my current clientele. To have the soak off option and a manicure that actually last 21 days without chipping was unheard of till now. The color is so pigmented, the glitter is the sparkliest, top coats still shining after 2 and 3 week wear!! When I enter the HQ to shop being greeted by the sweetest fur babies, smiles, and being called by name is such an important part of why I choose to return and will always have my loyalty with what matters and what's inside. Thank you LE team for always being the best of the best for the nailtech and the client. You ROCK!!!" - Terry


"The new P+ Gel Polish PINKplus Collection is amazing! I have serval business professionals as clients that desire soft shade colors as their go-to color. Light Elegance has come to the rescue! The PINKplus shades are so beautiful, and my clients are in awe over them... The gel polish wears well, client's nails are healthier and stronger than before, plus the colors/glitters are on point. So many colors and sooo little time is what I say to my clients! Thank you, Light Elegance, for brining top of the line, quality products to the nail industry!" - Vickie

Here are 5 reasons why Nail Pro’s around the world are using LE’s Perfect Pair: JimmyGel Builder Gel in a Bottle and P+ Gel Polish.

  1. 21+ Day wear keeps your client’s manicure looking perfect until their next appointment! LE’s advanced, in-house formulations mean the ideal balance of strength and flexibility for nails of all types.
  2.  Create beautiful, strong extensions and natural overlays easily with quick, self-leveling formulations that do the work for you! JimmyGel and P+ Gel Polish are formulated to file like butter so you can achieve the perfect shape in no time!
  1. The brush-bottle design allows for easy and smooth application, extra control and a premium feel.
  2. Quick 7-minute soak-off with P+ QDbase. Save time & money per service with this game-changing soakable system!
  3. LE is always HEMA-Free, 9-Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan, and Gluten Free to ensure the safety of every Nail Pro and client! 

Discover tips and tricks for working with soak-off gel polish by Nail Educator & Influencer, Celina Ryden! Watch Now

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