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LE Launches NEW Fall 2021 Power of Science ButterCream Collection

LE Launches NEW Fall 2021 Power of Science ButterCream Collection

Light Elegance, a leading innovator of 100% HEMA-free professional-grade UV and LED gel nail products and acrylic nail systems, today announced the debut of its new Fall 2021 Power of Science ButterCream collection.

Power of Science ButterCream collection

“We’ve Got Great Chemistry” has always been the mantra at Light Elegance, and the all-new Fall 2021 Power of Science ButterCream collection embodies that commitment to chemistry and infuses it with a passion for color. Six new on-trend shades have been responsibly formulated and creatively concocted to be the perfect addition to any Fall look. Science offers the incredible power to improve our lives, and combining that power with a keen insight for color and fashion produces stunning results—from the lab to the runway.

This Fall, you’ll feel a touch smarter, a lot stronger and immeasurably sexier as you sport the deep neutrals, lush creams and natural tones that complete the sophisticated Power of Science collection by Light Elegance.

Lezlie McConnell, co-founder and co-owner of Light Elegance, says this release is the latest result of the company’s commitment to offering nail professionals with top-quality, versatile products that meet the needs of every nail professional, client, and service.

 “The fashion trends for Fall 2021 are smart, strong and secure. At Light Elegance, we are immersed in science every day as we create the next award-winning formulation. But science doesn’t stop there!” said Lezlie. “We are also scientific when it comes to color, and every shade we create undergoes a complex process that explores how color affects us—both scientifically and emotionally. Science is so much more than numbers and is filled with creativity, power and innovation—just like our six new Power of Science ButterCreams. 

For Fall 2021, we created neutrals colors with a lot of depth and strength for powerful and dramatic looks, all while maintaining a sense of fashion and femininity. This is a truly innovative palette. It is smart, conservative and creative, and we know nail professionals will love to get scientific as they create complementary looks and calculated nail art.

We are describing science through color—combining the power of discovery with the warmth and compassion only color can offer. This has been a really exciting project for us personally, as chemistry and color are our foundation here at Light Elegance. When you add amazing chemistry, safer formulations and our passion for color all together, the results are incredibly exhilarating and powerful!” -Lezlie McConnell, Light Elegance Owner and Color Mother

Light Elegance ButterCreams are 100% free of HEMA monomer, last 4+ weeks, are packed with premium pigments and shimmers and an award-winning formulation. Turn heads and wow clients with every set!



  • Chemical Imbalance: A sage green with lots of depth. This green could almost be called a neutral green and is a little muddled, which makes this a balanced green with a natural, wearable tone. Don’t let the name fool you as you complete your Fall look.

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream 

  • I’m Cured: A creamy neutral terracotta. A perfect combination of red and orange. While the undertones are quite neutral, terracotta tones provide a welcome splash of color wearable with any style.    

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream

  • Isn’t It Ionic?: A black purple that is muddled and complex. This shade is for those that like dark colors with a soft, milky plum touch.

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream

  • That Really Resin-ates: This shade is a must-have for you neutral-brown lovers! The creamy milk chocolate tone is a rich, luscious brown, perfect for any look.

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream

  • Positively Charged: The perfect Fall berry. A creamy rich fuchsia that is the perfect combination between a purple and a pink. A smart and sophisticated berry for Fall!   

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream

  • Polymer Pal: A creamy washed-out denim. A little more on the grey side than the blue side. A sleek, classic color – your next favorite grey pal.

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream

 Shop the NEW Power of Science ButterCream collection today! 

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