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NEW LE Color Mother | 120 Tip Swatch Book

NEW LE Color Mother | 120 Tip Swatch Book

Light Elegance launches the NEW LE Color Mother Swatch Book, your hassle-free swatching solution! 

The all-new Light Elegance LE Color Mother is designed not only to show off 120 of your favorite colors to your clients but also to make maintaining your swatch library a breeze. We all feel the stress of trying to keep our swatches current when the hottest new collection lands or we use the last of a retired shade, and those worries all subside with the LE Color Mother, making it fun and easy to swap out the old, insert the new or give your swatch selection a seasonal refresh. Shop Now

LE Color Mother swatch book

LE Color Mother Swatch Book with Individual Tips & Swatch Strips

The NEW LE Color Mother Swatch Book is your hassle-free swatching solution! The modular design allows individual swatch tips to be reorganized and replaced whenever or whyever you want. (Swatch Book comes with blank tips)

Color Mother Menu

Customize your own LE Color Mother Menu! Easily select an LE Color from the dropdown or type in your own color names to organize your LE Color Mother. Click here to create your own Color Menu.

Your LE Color Mother comes with a convenient Swatch Loop designed to fit inside your curing lamp.  The Swatch Loop lets you polish 10 tips at a time, cure and then insert into your full LE Color Mother, saving time and sticky messes whenever it’s time to create new swatches.

 The Swatch Loop is also a great standalone display for 10 of your most popular colors, nail art, holidays or seasonal selections! 

At the heart of the innovative LE Color Mother design is the Swatch Strip.  Every book holds up to 12 Swatch Strips, each strip holding 10 tips for a total of 120 possible shades.  The beauty of the Swatch Strip design is that each strip snaps easily in and out of the LE Color Mother, allowing your client to place any tip directly over their own nail.  We all know how important matching colors to our client’s skin tone is, and the Swatch Strip design eliminates all of the guesswork!

The LE Color Mother has a clean, modern design featuring an all-white exterior with the Light Elegance Round Bottom Flask logo in iconic LE pink.  If unfamiliar with the LE brand, your clients will love to ask about the logo, and you will love to tell them about the safe, responsible in-house chemistry, US manufacturing and LE Family at the core of Light Elegance.  Your clients will be impressed with your professionalism, knowledge about the products you use and how much you care about the health of your clients.

LE Color Mother Swatch Book

✨ Show off 120 of your favorite colors
✨Quick and easy pop-in system
✨Easily maintain your color library
✨Feature nail art and other services
✨Reorganize & replace colors easily
✨Swatch Loop included for hassle-free swatching

-1 LE Color Mother swatch book   
-14 Swatch Strips (12 for the book + 2 extra)
-150 Swatch Tips (120 for the book + 30 extra)
-1 Swatch Loop
(Swatch Tip Refills are available separately - 50 pcs)
Dimensions (closed): 8.75” W x 11” H x 0.75” D

Color Mother Swatch Tip Refills

Learn more about the NEW LE Color Mother and how it got its name from LE's new YouTube video!

Lezlie McConnell, Light Elegance co-founder and Color Mother, says this release is the latest result of the company’s commitment to offering nail professionals with top-quality, versatile and innovative products.

“The LE Color Mother is the best way to invite your clients into the luscious world of LE color!  Now clients can fully absorb, feel and swim in the magical sea of Light Elegance color,” said Lezlie.  “Until now, there hasn’t been a perfect, professional way to present all the LE colors we love and put so much passion into, and the LE Color Mother changes everything!

As we all know, selecting the perfect color for that special occasion or just the mood we are feeling is so important.  Allowing clients to see colors all laid out in a beautifully, well organized presentation is extremely important.  With the LE Color Mother, not only are clients able to see the colors but are able to place these fabulous palettes over their nail beds to find the perfect shade for their skin tone!  

Beautiful colors, professional organization and seeing each shade against actual skin tones makes for happy clients and nail professionals alike!  The LE Color Mother is the perfect expression of our love for color at Light Elegance!” - Lezlie McConnell, the LE Color Mother herself. Shop Now

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