Learn how to create these trending designs using the all-new Fall 2021 Power of Science ButterCream Collection! #LEPowerofScience


1. Apply a layer of Super Shiny (don't cure) and swirl in the 3 ButterCream colors (That Really Resin-ates, Positively Charged and I'm Cured) keep swirling with your brush until you like the shape (still don't cure)⁣

2. Apply foaming soap bubbles over the whole nail and cure the nail with the soap on top⁣

3. Use LEpro Cleanser to remove the bubbles and inhibition layer⁣

4. Then use a Block Brush and lightly swipe white gel paint over the top of the dips left from the bubbles to highlight the circles and cure for the final look



1. Start with a base of Polymer Pal ButterCream and top with Flat Matte and cure, then cleanse

2. Using White Gel Paint and a Stripy Brush, paint your various sketches of lab equipment, molecules and equations

3. Finish with Flat Matte



1. Apply a layer of Polymer Pal ButterCream as your base color and top with Flat Matte Top Coat  ⁣
2. Take your Stripy Brush and apply a wave of Isn’t it Ionic? ButterCream and cure⁣
3. Using a Swirly Brush, apply two lines of I’m Cured ButterCream to create a square edge ⁣
4. Once again using your Stripy Brush, apply Positively Charged ButterCream in an X pattern⁣
crossing over the ButterCream color Isn’t it Ionic?⁣
5. Take the Bling Stylus #1 or #2 and add dots of Chemical Imbalance ButterCream along the side of⁣
the ButterCream color Isn’t it Ionic?⁣
6. Finish with Super Shiny or with Flat Matte Top Coat to emphasize your design!



1. Start by painting the nail with Polymer Pal ButterCream⁣

2. Use Shore Thing ButterCream to paint the head and hand. Use Just White ButterCream to paint the lab coat and Isn't it Ionic? ButterCream for the shirt.⁣

4. Then paint the hair and mustache using Just White ButterCream. Use Isn't It Ionic? ButterCream to paint the glasses, and I’m Cured ButterCream to paint the lip. To create a potion for his flask, use Positively Charged ButterCream. Then color in half of his glasses with Just White ButterCream to give him eyes and eyelids.⁣

6. Outline everything in Black Tie ButterCream to create all the little details like the fingers, flask and hairs⁣

7. Finish with Flat Matte and there you have a cute little Einstein!



1. Apply Positively Charged on the free edge half of nail (about half way) & Isn’t it Ionic? ButterCream on the back half of nail (about half way)⁣
2. Blend the two colors together creating an ombré ⁣
3. Mix a small amount of Super Shiny Top Coat with Boomer White JimmyGel (equal parts) and apply the mix to the nail sparingly (do not cure)⁣
4. Using your LE Bling Stylus, apply dots of your Super Shiny & JimmyGel mixture on top to create a bubble effect (give it time to spread) then cure⁣
5. Use Just White Buttercream and a LE Bling Stylus to create a circle of dots, then connect the dots with an LE Stripy Brush to create the molecules⁣
6. Mix a small amount of Super Shiny Top Coat and Positively Charged ButterCream to create a jelly effect and apply this over the white molecule lines and cure⁣
7. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat and cure


ATOM BY @chez_france_esthetics

1. Apply Isn’t it Ionic? ButterCream as a base and cure ⁣

2. Using Lil’ Fluff Brush, fluff Amethyst Premium Pretty over the whole nail and cure⁣

3. Apply Flat Matte as a thin overlay to create an easy painting surface and cure ⁣

4. Using a Stripy Brush and Primary White Gel Paint, create three overlapping oval rings and cure ⁣

5. Using Bling Stylus #3, and various ButterCream colors from the Power of Science collection, create the nucleus, protons and neutrons, then swirl a bit of Primary White Gel Paint into each dot to add more detail⁣

6. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat and cure⁣



1. Start with two coats of I'm Cured ButterCream and apply Flat Matte Top Coat, then cleanse 
2. Using your Stripy Brush and Chemical Imbalance ButterCream, make two thin diagonal
and parallel lines towards the tip of the free edge and cure
3. To design the petals, use your Stripy Brush and Just White Buttercream. Once you are happy with
the outline of your 3 petals, add small wispy lines for a little detail then cure
4. Using our Bling Stylus #1 and Positively Charged ButterCream, add a few small dots to the center
of your petals and cure
5. Create the last diagonal line using Chemical Imbalance ButterCream at the top of your flower.
Make this line slightly thicker than the rest, then cure
6. Finish with Flat Matte



1. Paint half of your nail with I'm Cured ButterCream and the other half with Isn't It Ionic? ButterCream and don't cure

2. Using a #6 Gel Polish Bling Brush, lightly swipe both sides into each other, creating a soft blend. Then cure for 30 seconds.

3. Use Chemical Imbalance ButterCream and a Stripy Brush to paint a large leaf over I'm Cured then cure

4. Use That Really Resin-ates ButterCream over Isn't it Ionic? ButterCream to paint the leopard print design

5. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat and cure


Molecules by @exclusivelynailsbyjessica

1. Apply Polymer Pal ButterCream as a base color and cure⁣
2. Using Black Gel paint and a Stripy Brush, sketch the hexagon design (Don't stress about how perfect the lines are!) then cure⁣
3. Fill in the hexagons with your favorite Power of Science ButterCream colors with your Swirly Brush! *Pro tip* Flash cure in between colors when doing this design on multiple fingers to save time from switching colors, then do a full cure once all are completed.⁣
4. Apply Flat Matte, cure and cleanse.⁣
5. Again using Black Gel Paint and your Stripy Brush, go over the sketched lines creating crisp uniform lines. *If you make a mistake just wipe it and start over! Once you’re happy with it, cure⁣
6. Burnish Silver Rainbow Halo Pretties into the gel paint using a Lil Fluff brush or a clean gloved finger, then dust off excess pigment⁣
7. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat then cure and cleanse



1. Apply a thin layer of Soft Pink JimmyGel (don’t cure)⁣
2. Take your Swirly Brush and add swirly, abstract lines with all 6 Power of Science ButterCreams to the wet layer and cure 60 sec⁣
3. Apply 2nd layer of Soft Pink JimmyGel, and add all the colors again into the new wet layer with your Swirly Brush then cure 60 sec⁣
4. Wipe sticky layer with a LEpro Cleansing Wipe & LEpro Cleanser, and buff with a Foamie File. Then thinly outline nails with ButterCream color of your choice using a Stripy Brush and cure 30 sec⁣
5. Add various shapes using Swirly and Stripy Brushes then cure 30 sec⁣
6. Finish with Flat Matte Top Coat and cure 60 sec



1. Using the Kolinsky #6 Brush, apply I’m Cured ButterCream to the entire nail and cure for 60 seconds. Repeat this step for a total of 2 coats.⁣
2. Again using the Kolinsky #6 Brush, make a half circle at the free edge with Polymer Pal ButterCream and do the same near the cuticle with Chemical Imbalance ButterCream and cure for 60 seconds⁣
3. Using a Stripy Brush and Isn’t it Ionic? ButterCream, draw your stem and leaves from the cuticle towards the center of the nail, then cure 60 seconds⁣
4. Apply That Really Resin-nates ButterCream on the leaves to add highlights and flash cure for 10 seconds⁣
5. Using your Stripy Brush and Positively Charged ButterCream, make a second stem and leaves that start from the free edge and cure 60 seconds⁣
6. Finish with Flat Matte Top Coat


The Power of Science ButterCream collection is now available to order!

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