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NAILPRO Magazine | How To: Stocking String Lights by LE Brand Ambassador Hope Jung

NAILPRO Magazine | How To: Stocking String Lights by LE Brand Ambassador Hope Jung

Light Elegance Brand Ambassador and nail stylist, Hope Jung, has created a cute and festive winter set featured by NAILPRO Magazine!

Inspired by Light Elegance's Winter Play ButterCream collection, Hope has created a unique design for winter: Stocking String Lights.

Mixing fashion and fun has always been the goal at Light Elegance, and the all-new Winter Play ButterCream collection does exactly that. Perfectly selected for Winter 2022 trends, Winter Play’s six new shades range from soft to playful to dramatic, giving nail professionals the perfect shade to complete any Winter look.

Connect with Hope and get inspired by her work on social @HopeJungNails

Stocking String Lights

"Hope Jung was feeling the Christmas spirit when she created the stocking string lights nail art design.

To create the look, she used Light Elegance products.

Here's how to achieve the design:

  1. Apply a thin layer of Bunny Slopes ButterCream to your prepped nail.
  2. With Pucks & Penalties ButterCream, create a wide W pattern from side to side with a Stripy Brush.
  3. Create little stockings using your Swirly Brush with Snowshoe for Two ButterCream. Make sure to leave a gap between the stocking’s top and the W.
  4. Using your Bling Stylus and Just White Buttercream, dot on top of the socks to create little fluffy cuffs.
  5. For a fun pop, add little snowflakes to the background.
  6. Finish with Super Shiny or Flat Matte Top Coat." - NAILPRO Magazine

Learn more about the Winter Play ButterCream collection here


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