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Save 15% on Gel Brushes | Free 2-Day Shipping @ $99!*
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Hard Gel Top Coat Bundle

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Save 5% with the Hard Gel Top Coat Bundle!

Includes: 15 ml Super Shiny, 15 ml Top Gloss and 15 ml Flat Matte
  • Super Shiny is stain resistant, durable and provides extreme shine that lasts until you file it off
  • Top Gloss is our no-wipe Top Coat with long lasting shine and new non-yellowing formulation
  • Flat Matte offers a chalk matte finish with long-lasting, hard gel durability

    LE Bonding & Finishing Features & Benefits

    Light Elegance provides the highest-quality Bonding and Finishing products you need to create long-lasting, beautiful nails!

    ✅  Promote enhanced adhesion and gorgeous finishes for long-lasting wear

    ✅  Find a bonding agent and finishing product for every service

    ✅  Responsibly manufactured in Redmond, Oregon

    ✅  LE is always HEMA-Free, 9-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Gluten-Free


    BondingGet to know LE Bonding Agents

      Tack is a UV/LED-cured, acid-free bonding agent that cures with an ultra-sticky residue to provide an extremely strong foundation for all nail enhancements

      VitaPrime is a vitamin-E-infused acid-based primer that provides adhesion to the natural nail (great for those that tend to have lifting)

      Airbond is an air-dried product that cures when exposed to moisture in the air and acts as a bonding agent, preparing the nailbed for the application of gel or acrylic enhancements

      Powerbond is an acid-free, all in one product that acts as a strong bonding agent and base gel at the same time. Simply apply and skip to color application!

      P+ QDbase is formulated to accelerate removal of P+ Gel Polishes in acetone for 7 minute removal while also providing excellent adhesion to the natural nail for 21+ day wear.

    FinishingGet to know LE Finishing Products

      Super Shiny is a non-yellowing, UV/LED-cured gel used as a top coat for fingernail enhancements that cures to an extremely high shine

      Top Gloss is a tack-free, UV/LED cured gel used as a top coat that cures to a high shine for the perfect finished appearance

      Flat Matte can be used over any hard gel or acrylic to deliver the perfect matte finish

      P+ Top Coat is a high-shine soak-off top coat perfect for finishing your P+ Gel Polish services.



    Bonding & Finishing

    Create long-lasting beautiful nails with an inseparable bond.

    Perfect Structure

    Lexy Line

    The 3-time award-winning Lexy Line gives the nail professional complete control and creativity