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NEW Farmers Market ButterCream Spring 2022 Collection is Revealed!

NEW Farmers Market ButterCream Spring 2022 Collection is Revealed!

Spring has arrived at Light Elegance, and the all-new Spring 2022 Farmers Market ButterCream collection starts the celebration!

Six new on-trend shades have been responsibly formulated and creatively concocted to be the perfect addition to any Spring look. Farmers Market is fresh, fun and full of springtime energy—all while presenting a complementary palette that is both wearable and chic.

Farmers Market is inspired by a plethora of colors, intoxicating smells, tastes and fresh offerings local markets provide.  The six new shades mirror the variety of the market by presenting lush colors ranging from bright and energetic to earthy and neutral, making it easy for nail professionals to create looks that harness all the beauty of Spring.

Lezlie McConnell, co-founder and co-owner of Light Elegance, says this release is the latest result of the company’s commitment to offering nail professionals with top-quality, versatile products that meet the needs of every nail professional, client, and service.

“When you think of Spring there is nothing more exciting and refreshing than a farmers market. Farmers markets represent growth, new life and just the kind of creation that Spring is all about,” said Lezlie. “Everyone craves home grown flavor and the lovely colors that come along with fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. Our new Farmers Market ButterCream collection satisfies those cravings perfectly, all while being on-trend for Spring 2022.

As you stroll through your local market, you can’t help but feel the rich and brilliant greens, oranges, pinks and fresh neutrals. There is so much inspiration and creativity in what the earth provides, which made creating Farmers Market so much fun. Natural beauty ranges from bold and bright to soft and natural, just like our six new shades that are so easy to fall in love with. 

No matter what your client craves, we have it in this on-trend collection. Now grab your fruits and veggies and join us in the market of color and creativity!” -Lezlie McConnell, Light Elegance Owner and Color Mother

Shop the new Farmers Market ButterCream collection today!

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