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LE Launches NEW Spring 2022 The Artist P+/CG/GG Collection

LE Launches NEW Spring 2022 The Artist P+/CG/GG Collection

This Spring, Light Elegance invites you to complement your palette with 12 new on-trend shades inspired by the artist inside us all.  The Artist meets the demands of Spring’s modern fashion trends—soft and neutral—while drawing inspiration from classic art masterpieces.  The result is a collection of new shades perfect to complete any client’s look and fuel the creativity of any nail artist, too.


Embrace your inner artist as you fill your canvas with six creamy new shades perfectly paired to complement each other—and your client’s style.  For those looks that demand extra dimension, make abstract art easy with six new glitters that shout Spring and transform your salon into a gallery that no one wants to leave.


From intoxicating creams to dazzling glitters, all 12 of The Artist shades are available now in both all-new P+ Gel Polish and LE Color and Glitter Gel, giving you the ability to complete any salon service with ease and deliver a taste of fine art to clients of all persuasions.


Lezlie McConnell, co-founder and co-owner of Light Elegance, says this release is the latest result of the company’s commitment to offering nail professionals with top-quality, versatile and responsibly-formulated products that make creativity in the salon fast and easy.


“The trend for Spring 2022 is dominated by neutrals and soft tones. We designed a palette that falls in line with these trends but still has the versatility to allow nail artists limitless creativity,” said Lezlie. “The result is a range of dazzling shades, from semi-bold to soft pastel, that empower nail pros to paint whatever portrait they desire. The palette is also mature and reliable enough to satisfy clients seeking conservative looks just right for Spring. No matter what the Spring style looks like, we know we created a collection that clients—and nail pros—will fall in love with over and over again.


It’s amazing how Spring 2022’s modern trends resemble a Monet masterpiece in many ways, and we found ourselves researching historical artists for much of our inspiration. Our goal was to allow nail professionals to create their own masterpieces and provide complementary shades to make art fast and easy in the salon. We know you’ll immediately fall in love with these muted and muddled colors, sophisticated and trendy at the same time!” -Lezlie McConnell, Light Elegance Owner and Color Mother

Light Elegance UV/LED Color, Glitter, and P+ Gel Polishes are 100% free of HEMA monomer, long lasting and are packed with premium frosts, shimmers and glitters. LE Glitter Gels are the best, brightest and longest-lasting on the market. Turn heads and wow clients with every set!



  • Take it Easel: A perfect warm neutral pink! Soft, light pink meets buff nude, satisfying both pink and neutral lovers and making completing your spring look easy. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • I’ll Pose for Leo: A neutral, dusty rose. Not too light, this medium color pops the perfect amount of pink for any occasion. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • Do the Van Go-Go: A creamy coral with orange undertones, yet muddy and neutral enough to wear from through lingering Winter chills right into the gift of Spring warmth. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • Stroke of Genius: A rich, dark and creamy olive green. This color is a muddy olive with a black undertone, rich with sophistication and ideal for accenting the chicest of styles. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • Pencils & Paint Brushes: The perfect muddled mauve. Soft pink meets lights purple to create this mauve shade, light and sweet enough for stunning Spring styles. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • Bare Canvas:  A creamy vanilla bean with a subtle hint of yellow. This beautiful neutral fits in its own unique category and dazzles whether on its own or complemented by accents of color. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream



  • Wanna Watercolor?: A soft, petite, sweet pink. This pink is lightly laced with iridescent pieces throughout. A transparent glitter that goes over any Spring color and with any Spring look! Coverage: Semi-Sheer, Effect: Glitter
  • Don’t Frame Me In: Tiny iridescent pieces make up the background for larger satin pastel glitters. Sweet pinks, light purples and soft yellows make up this adorable Spring glitter and only adds to your adorable Spring style. Coverage: Semi-Sheer, Effect: Glitter
  • Nudie: A fancy Spring champagne where silver meets neutral. Light and bubbly with a soft flash of sparkle, Nudie is a welcome addition to your Spring look. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter
  • Monet All Day: You almost don’t want to call this a glitter, but rather a pink pearl. Tiny specs of baby pink are delicately mixed with small shimmers of silver pearl, creating a soft and innocent appearance. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter/Pearl
  • My Masterpiece: Pink meets a touch of coral with chunky pieces of iridescent glitter. This glitter has soft blues, sweet coppers and a variety of pinks with just the right amount of complexity to be interesting and wearable at the same time. Coverage: Semi-Sheer, Effect: Glitter
  • Creative Chaos:The softest of emerald greens with a slight mix of Mediterranean pastel blues. This shade is light and balanced making it the perfect chunky glitter for Spring. Coverage: Semi-Sheer, Effect: Glitter

    Shop The Artist Spring 2022 P+/CG/GG collection now and share your beautiful artistic creations with the #LEArtist on social!
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