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NEW 10 ml Lexy Line | Less to store in drawers & more chances to explore!

NEW 10 ml Lexy Line | Less to store in drawers & more chances to explore!

NEW 10 ml Lexy Lines means less to store in your drawer with an unbeatable price!

Nail pros have been asking for our award-winning Lexy Line gels in a smaller package, and we’re proud to have the perfect answer! Our all-new 10 ml Lexy Line gels are here, available in all of our most popular shades and viscosities while offering several new advantages for nail professionals!

The low $24.95 price of our new 10 ml Lexy Line gels means less money sits in your drawer, freeing you up to try more shades and have more cash in your pocket. The smaller jars—still with the premium Lexy Line appearance you’ve come to love—take up less space, too!

We all have our favorite building gels we rely on every day, but we also have clients with unique color preferences and nail types. The result? We go through our various Lexy Line gels at different rates, which can often mean extra gel sitting in the desk longer than it needs to. 10 ml Lexy Line gels are the answer! Now nail professionals can purchase smaller quantities of the shades or viscosities they use less, allowing pros to cater to unique client preferences or specific services.

New 10 ml Lexy Line gels are also perfect for nail students, part-time nail pros and anyone wanting to bring on the best hard gel line for less! 

Whether you are a full-time pro looking to offer more colors and versatile services or you are just beginning your career in nails, there’s only one place to start: 10 ml Lexy Line hard gels.

The 3-time award-winning Lexy Line is made up of 5 different hard gel products to give the nail professional complete control and creativity to achieve the perfect nail
✅  4+ Week Wear
✅  100% HEMA Monomer Free
✅  Find a shade for every skin tone
✅  Voted Best Hard Gel System by Nail Pros 3 years in a row
✅  Makes overlays and extensions a breeze
✅  Holds its shape while maintaining flexibility
✅  5 viscosities for ultimate control in the salon
✅  Use under LE Glitter Gels, Color Gels or P+ Gel Polishes!
✅  LE is always HEMA-Free, 9-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Gluten-Free

Learn more about each of the Lexy Line gels here

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