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LE Releases NEW Winter 2024 Collection 'The Broadway Show'

LE Releases NEW Winter 2024 Collection 'The Broadway Show'

Lights, Camera, COLOR! Introducing our show-stopping gel collection, 'The Broadway Show'! 

These fabulous new winter shades will make your nails take center stage with shades inspired by the glamour, drama and dazzling elegance of Broadway. 
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Plus, our new salon-friendly 10 ml size for P+ Gel Polish & Glitter Gels is perfect for professionals, and the clean, modern, on-brand look with a premium feel will elevate your nail game to new heights!

The Broadway Show collection includes six new gel colors and six glitter gels: 

  • Break a Leg: This beautiful silver sparkle sits on a shimmery white background. The frosty white shimmer is extremely festive and will take you through all your holiday parties.
  • Curtain Call: A winter red filled with lots of tiny gold and red sparkles that sits on a bright raspberry red background.
  • Dress Rehearsal: A creamy, dark denim blue — or you could call it a muddled navy  —  that is wearable for any occasion!
  • Please be Seated: A deep chocolate, brick brown that has just a touch of red to make it creamy and luscious.
  • So Dramatic!: A vivacious purple plum that has small and subtle fuchsia shimmer that dances throughout. Rich, sophisticated and fun! 
  • Take a Bow: A creamy, taupe mauve that is a beautiful neutral with a touch of purple and grey undertones. Not really a purple, not a grey, but the perfect blend! Make your nails the star of every winter soirée with fabulous new winter shades that will make your nails take center stage. The collection is inspired by the glamour, drama and dazzling elegance of Broadway.Courtesy of Light Elegance
  • All Eyes on Me:  This icy silvery lavender glitter is perfect for the cold winter nights!
  • Bravo!: A Christmas tree green with flashes of sparkly iridescent glitter.
  • Everyone’s a Critic: This glitter is filled with fuchsia, red, green, blue and gold — a true party on your nails!
  • She’s a Star: A soft and sweet, pink glitter filled with lots of iridescent pieces that dance.
  • Standing Ovation: The opaque blend of blue and green makes this perfect mermaid glitter.
  • Tough Act to Follow: A midnight blue and purple glitter with fun, iridescent pieces throughout. This glitter is perfect for putting over the top of a color— try it over blues, greens and black!

Get to know each and every one of the NEW Broadway Show Collection colors and glitters with Lezlie and Lexy.

Why is Light Elegance HEMA Free? While many brands use it for adhesion and lowering costs, we avoid it along with HEA and IBOA to drastically lower the risk of allergies. Small molecular sized monomers like HEMA are known to penetrate the skin more easily than our state-of-the-art formulations high in premium oligomers, cause irritation and often lead to nail allergies. 

At Light Elegance, we prioritize quality and safety. We manufacture products from scratch here in Redmond, Oregon with high-quality ingredients to minimize allergic responses for industry safety. We believe, What's Inside Matters!

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