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Cute and Trendy Winter Nail Art | A Party to Remember Winter 2023 Nail Art Designs

Cute and Trendy Winter Nail Art | A Party to Remember Winter 2023 Nail Art Designs

It's time to start thinking about prepping your salon for the holidays! In this blog, LE shares some classy and festive nail art looks for winter using the NEW "Party to Remember" Winter 2023 Collection!

Inspired by the magical glamour of holiday nights, A Party to Remember features rich, dramatic shades that create an on-trend palette perfect for Winter 2023. 

From silky party dresses to sparkly sequins, texture abounds and complements the rich, celebratory colors of whiskeys and wines. 

Let A Party to Remember bring winter to life with a range of colors designed to be the finishing touch for any holiday look.  From sexy reds to bold greens and blues to flashy pinks and sophisticated purples, the party starts here with creative inspiration! 

LE Educator, Mel Maurice of @gelledbymel shares this darling "Balcony Views" artwork.

  1. Apply one coat of Midnight Meet ButterCream and cure 30 seconds. Apply a second coat of Midnight Meet and cure 30 seconds
  2. Tap on Sparkle or Sequins? Glitter Gel into the inhibition layer and pull some half way down from free edge, then cure 30 seconds. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat, cure 1 min and cleanse
  3. Paint tree branches using Silver Metallic ButterCream and cure. 
  4. Make a star using Just White ButterCream and add a few glitter pieces of Sparkle or Sequins? to the center, then cure. 
  5. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat, cure 1 min and then cleanse


LE Educator, Hope Jung of @hopejungnails shares the cutest Holiday String Light Design! 

  1. With your Swirly Brush, create one long rectangle using Sexy Soirée ButterCream. Add an additional shorter rectangle on top to create the top of the car
  2. Using Primary Black Gel Paint, take your Stripy Brush and create a wavy line across the top of the nail
  3. Along that line using the Swirly Brush, paint tear drop shapes alternating sides of the line to form holiday lights using Martini, Up, Midnight Meet and Fashionably Late ButterCreams
  4. With the Stripy Brush and Primary White Gel Paint, add two little squares to the car to make windows and add reflective accents to the light bulbs
  5. Add Sparkles or Sequins? Glitter Gel to fill in the empty spaces to add a winter wonderland effect 
  6. Finish with Flat Matte or Super Shiny Top Coat


LE Brand Ambassador Elizabeth Mericle of @mericlenails shares a unique Blue Frost look!

1. Start with a base of Midnight Meet ButterCream and add Sparkles or Sequins? Glitter Gel on top

2. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat, cure and cleanse

3. Splotch on some Just White ButterCream

4. Use alcohol to blend and smoke it out

5. Add accents of Gold Metallic ButterCream

6. Use alcohol to blur and blend the edges 

7. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat 


For more nail art looks and step-by-step designs using the new 'Party to Remember' Collection, click here!

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