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Trending Fall Designs using the NEW #VentureintoBeauty P+/CG/GG Collection

Trending Fall Designs using the NEW #VentureintoBeauty P+/CG/GG Collection

Check out these trending Fall looks and learn how to create these designs for your own clients in a few simple steps! The rich warm neutrals, browns, yellows and taupes are perfect for wherever your adventure takes you this Fall!
Venture into Beauty
The all-new Fall 2021 Venture into Beauty P+/CG/GG collection by Light Elegance inspires us to venture outside of our comfort zone to discover new shades and trending nail art! 
1. Over Road to Zanzibar, paint the stems of your leaves with White Gel Paint & cure
2. Paint the outline of the full leaf and berries, cure
3. Add Beauty Through the Lens over the berries to add depth
4. Then take your White Gel Paint and add light "sketch like" lines to add dimension to the leaves
4. Finish with Flat Matte
1. Over Khakis and Cameras, paint an abstract shape using Grazing the Grasslands and cure
2. Paint an over lapping circle with Graceful Gazelle and two more shapes using Pack Your Passport then cure
3. Top with Flat Matte
4. Using Black Gel Paint & a Block Brush, paint an abstract, leaf-like shape
1. Over top of Cover Pink 1-Step map out your French with Grazing the Grasslands
2. Fill in the French tip and apply two coats
3. Top with Flat Matte 
4. Apply slightly tapered, irregular blobs with Gold Metallic down the center
5. Repeat staggered down the sides
6. Cover Gold Metallic with clear 1-Step to give it a 3-D effect! 
1. Using Grazing the Grasslands, paint 2 large half circles on opposing corners and cure
2. Paint 2 more abstract half circles. One using Khakis and Cameras and the other with Safari Sweetheart and cure
3. Layer in various colorful lines and cure
4. Outline your added line work with Black Gel Paint and cure
5. Using White Gel Paint, add various dots and additional outlines as needed and cure
6. Top with Flat Matte
1. Apply 2 thin coats of Grazing the Grasslands and cure. Then apply a thin coat of Flat Matte Top Coat, cure & wipe clean with LE Pro Cleanser 
2. Using Road to Zanzibar and your Stripy Brush, create a wave like line about 1/4th of the way up your nail, fill it in with color, then cure
3. Use Graceful Gazelle and your Stripy Brush to create another 'hill' and fill in with color, then cure
4. Using Pack your Passport and Stylus #1, create 3 dots and pull the product down with a Stripy Brush to create a cactus shape and cure
5. Outline your hills using Primary Black Gel Paint and your Stripy Brush
6. Use Just White Buttercream and your Stylus #1 to make small dots on your cacti
7. Top with Super Shiny and cure
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