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A NEW Trending Nail Art You Might Not Know About : Bubble Nails

A NEW Trending Nail Art You Might Not Know About : Bubble Nails

This trending nail art design using soap bubbles is creative, fun and so unique! Have you experimented with this one yet? Learn how to easily re-create these looks from the step-by-step instructions below!

Beautiful Nails by @Carolina_Dimitras

Beautiful nails by @BadAsh_Nails


1. Apply a layer of Super Shiny (don't cure) and swirl in the 3 ButterCream colors (That Really Resin-ates, Positively Charged and I'm Cured) keep swirling with your brush until you like the shape (still don't cure)⁣

2. Apply foaming soap bubbles over the whole nail and cure the nail with the soap on top⁣

3. Use LEpro Cleanser to remove the bubbles and inhibition layer⁣

4. Then use a Block Brush and lightly swipe white gel paint over the top of the dips left from the bubbles to highlight the circles and cure for the final look


Try this soap bubble nail art look using the NEW Fall 2021 Power of Science ButterCream Collection and be sure to tag @LightEleganceHQ and #LEPowerofScience

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