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Hope Jung Creates a Dia de Los Muertos Inspired Sugar Skull | Summer Nail Art ft Viva La Fiesta

Hope Jung Creates a Dia de Los Muertos Inspired Sugar Skull | Summer Nail Art ft Viva La Fiesta

Talented LE Educator and Nail Stylist, Hope Jung of @hopejungnails has designed a unique nail look that is perfect for adding a pop of color to your summer looks!

"Viva La Fiesta! You can’t say this collections name without a shimmy and some flare!" says Hope.

Inspired by the vibrant array of colors in this collection, Hope says she "wanted to be enveloped into the bright culture. Through my research I found some stunning Dia de Los Muertos sugar skulls and attire. The bold shapes and layered contrasting colors are perfect for nail art. I am excited to see everyone’s creations this summer!" 

Hope explains "the bright colors are accented by the brilliant pops of color in the glitter gels!" making it a perfectly cohesive collection! 

This Summer, we invite you to join the party with Viva La Fiesta, the latest on-trend collection by Light Elegance. Viva La Fiesta is truly a celebration of color and is perfectly suited for the season we all celebrate, Summer.

Fiestas are filled with bold colors, happiness and abounding energy, which made the fiesta the perfect inspiration for our newest Summer collection.  From Talavera tiles to woven serapes, luscious succulents and—of course—salt-rimmed margaritas— we find beauty everywhere in the fiesta landscape and no shortage of stunning colors. Shop Now

Hope uses the LE ButterCreams to create this vibrant design!  Follow the steps below to re-create the look!

ButterCreams are a highly opaque hard color gel perfect for detailed nail art or thin color overlays. They are a 100% HEMA Monomer Free Formula that should be applied over any finish filed LE structure gel or acrylic for a thin, sleek nail!

In this design, Hope shows off the ButterCreams versatility for thin overlays, or creating 3D, raised nail art. Use right out of the jar for a thicker viscosity, or agitate the gel slightly for thin full cover overlays.

  1. Starting with Niña Bonita as your base, apply a medium size circle using Maraca Mama by the cuticle 
  2. With your Swirly Brush, create tear drop flower petals using Hot as a Jalapeño 
  3. Accent the center of the flower with a Bling Stylist and petals using the Stripy Brush with Holy Guacamole 
  4. Using Seriously Succulent, dot accents from the center flower petal end and along the sides 
  5. Add the final center dot using Totally Taffy and mimic the lines you have created with Holy Guacamole 
  6. With the Swirly Brush, take Extra Spicy at the base of the flower petals and ombré towards the tip.
  7. Complete your design with your desired Top Coat!

For more nail art inspiration and step-by-step designs, click here! 

Get to know all 12 on-trend colors and glitters from the Viva La Fiesta collection with Lezlie and Lexy! 

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