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Viva La Fiesta Summer 2023 Nail Art and Step-by-Steps

Discover trending nail art, new colors and get inspired by the new Summer 2023 Collection, Viva La Fiesta! #LEFeista

Viva La Fiesta Nail Art


Watch how to recreate the Fiesta Photoshoot Nails by Ashley Biasella using the NEW Viva La Fiesta Collection!

watch tutorial
Dia de Los Muertos Inspired Sugar Skull


1. Starting with Niña Bonita as your base, apply a medium size circle using Maraca Mama by the cuticle 

2. With your Swirly Brush, create tear drop flower petals using Hot as a Jalapeño 

3. Accent the center of the flower with a Bling Stylist and petals using the Stripy Brush with Holy Guacamole 

4. Using Seriously Succulent, dot accents from the center flower petal end and along the sides 

5. Add the final center dot using Totally Taffy and mimic the lines you have created with Holy Guacamole 

6. With the Swirly Brush, take Extra Spicy at the base of the flower petals and ombré towards the tip.

7. Complete your design with your desired Top Coat

Cacti Cuties


1. Start with the whole nail as a solid color, Nina Bonita ButterCream

2. Draw some cacti and succulents using Holy Guacamole ButterCream

3. Add some squares as pots using Walk Like an Egyptian ButterCream

4. Add some flowers using Seriously Succulent, Maraca Mamma and Hot as a Jalapeño ButterCream

5. Fill in the empty spaces with little dots of Agave ButterCream

6. Finish with Flat Matte Top Coat

Hubba Bubba Bubblegum


1. Start with a coat of Niña Bonita ButterCream and cure

2. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat and cure

3. With Hot as a Jalapeño ButterCream and Seriously Succulent ButterCream, draw some lines side by side, adding some thicker and thinner lines down the center and cure

4. Add some more thin lines on the sides with the same colors leaving space to see Niña Bonita 

5. Use Black Tie ButterCream to make some contrasting lines on top of the colors, cure and then finish with Super Shiny Top Coat

Two-Toned Cactus


1. Start with Hot as a Jalapeño on just half of the nail and cure.

2. On the other half of the nail, apply Seriously Succulent and cure. With Stripy Brush, make sure the middle line is very clean.

3. Using Holy Guacamole, paint a cute cactus and cure.

4. Using Niña Bonita, sketch some lines on your cactus to create the illusion of texture and cure.

5. Outline your cactus with Primary Black Gel Paint and cure.

6. Finish with Flat Matte Top Coat, cure and cleanse.

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