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Argyle Pattern by Hope Jung | Trendy Nail Art using the NEW Fall 2022 WhoDunit? Collection

Argyle Pattern by Hope Jung | Trendy Nail Art using the NEW Fall 2022 WhoDunit? Collection

Light Elegance Educator and nail stylist, Hope Jung, has created a darling Argyle Patterned Nail Art Look using the new WhoDunit? Fall 2022 P+/CG/GG Collection!

Mixing fashion and fun has always been the goal at Light Elegance, and the all-new WhoDunit? P+/CG/GG collection does exactly that. Perfectly selected for Fall 2022 trends, The WhoDunits? 12 new shades range from dark and mysterious to classic and elegant—perfect to complete any fall look. 

Inspired by Light Elegance's WhoDunit? collection, Hope has created a perfectly trendy design for fall.

Hope shares a super cute Argyle Pattern look using a beautiful combination of the new WhoDunit? shades that compliment one another perfectly!

  • Dusting for Prints: A creamy, mysterious grey with the slightest touch of lavender undertones.  This medium grey shows a lot of class and is compatible with a wide range of styles. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream

  • Mr. Peabody: A creamy, jewel-toned blue-meets-green.  This makes for a sophisticated, dark and luscious teal both stylish and wearable. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream

  • Dirty Little Secret: A deep, dark plum-purple. This creamy purple is a touch muted—not too bright—but powerful and bold enough to make a statement with your sophisticated look. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • Predator in Pink: A pink-fuchsia laced with heavy shimmer that gives it a chic satin appearance.  Pink meets purple in a unique way that makes Predator in Pink almost metallic and able to provide an accentuating, fashionable flash. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Shimmer

Learn how to create the Argyle Pattern step-by-step below! 


  1. Start with Dusting for Prints as your base color in either P+ or Color Gel

  2. On one side of the nail, create a triangle with your Stripy Brush. Make sure the peak is just shy of the center of the nail

  3. Repeat the triangle pattern on the opposite side using Dirty Little Secret 

  4. With the Stripy Brush, take Predator in Pink and create a crisscross pattern starting at the cuticle and ending in the opposite triangle edge 

  5. Repeat the crisscross pattern, but start at the free edge and end in the opposite end of the triangle to complete the argyle pattern

  6. Finish with Flat Matte or Super Shiny Top Coat is using hard gels, or P+ Top Coat if using P+ Gel Polish to create your desired finish!

Connect with Hope and get inspired by her work on social @HopeJungNails

Shop the all-new Fall 2022 WhoDunit? P+/CG/GG Collection now!


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