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Abstract Line Design Step-by-Step by @HopeJungNails

Abstract Line Design Step-by-Step by @HopeJungNails

Learn step-by-step how to create this stunning design!

Power of Science ButterCream design


1. Apply a layer of Polymer Pal ButterCream as your base color and top with Flat Matte Top Coat  ⁣
2. Take your Stripy Brush and apply a wave of Isn’t it Ionic? ButterCream and cure⁣
3. Using a Swirly Brush, apply two lines of I’m Cured ButterCream to create a square edge ⁣
4. Once again using your Stripy Brush, apply Positively Charged ButterCream in an X pattern⁣
crossing over the ButterCream color Isn’t it Ionic?⁣
5. Take the Bling Stylus #2 and add dots of Chemical Imbalance ButterCream along the side of⁣ the ButterCream color Isn’t it Ionic?⁣
6. Finish with Super Shiny or with Flat Matte Top Coat to emphasize your design!

Shopping List
Polymer Pal ButterCream
Isn't it Ionic? ButterCream
I'm Cured ButterCream
Positively Charged ButterCream
Chemical Imbalance ButterCream
Stripy Brush
Swirly Brush
Bling Stylus #2
Flat Matte Top Coat
Super Shiny Top Coat

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