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Winter Plaid Nail Art Step-by-Step by @DoodleDigits ft in Scratch Magazine

Winter Plaid Nail Art Step-by-Step by @DoodleDigits ft in Scratch Magazine

Scratch Magazine features Light Elegance's new Winter 2022 collection, Wish You Were Here, in a step-by-step design created by Nail Professional, Mandi Cox (@doodledigits) Take a look at this stunning winter plaid design and learn how to easily re-create this look below! 

"Light Elegance nail technician, Mandi Cox, has created a seasonal and sparkly step-by-step for clients wanting a nail style suitable for both festive fun and to ring in the New Year!

Step 1 - Prep the nail and sculpt your desired nail shape, using the Lexy Line Gels or JimmyGel. Finish filing the nail and wipe with LE Pro Cleanser and then paint on Flannel For One Color Gel using the LE Gel Polish Bing Brush. Apply two coats
and cure for 30 seconds between each coat in the LEDdot Lamp.

Step 2 - Apply LE Flat Matte Top Coat and cure for one minute. Wipe with LE Pro Cleanser and a lint-free wipe. (Pro Tip - The Flat Matte Top Coat makes a great canvas on which to paint the design, as the colours do not smear when applying.)

Step 3 - Using the LE Stripy Brush, work Missing You Madly Color Gel into the bristles. Check you don't have any excess on Light Elegance Color Gel in the tip of the brush so you can get an even, straight line. Start your line at around one third of the nail in so it is off-center, and run the brush parallel to the nail, starting
at the cuticle to create a straight line. Repeat this step next to the line three more times towards the centre to make the stripe wider. Flash cure for 10 seconds and then repeat this step horizontally, one third of the way up the nail, and then two thirds of the way up the nail. Be sure to reach the sidewalls, so there are no gaps. Cure for 30 seconds.

Step 4 - Wipe the Stripy Brush with a lint-free wipe to clean the brush. Then work LE Just White Buttercream Into the bristles. Apply a thin Iine on either side of the vertical line, flash cure and then apply one thin line under the horizontal Ines to create a tartan effect. Cure for 30 seconds.

Step 5 - Clean the Stripy Brush with a lint-free wipe and use LE Leave The Light
On Glitter Gel to run a vertical line of glitter on the outside of the center white line.

Step 6 - Apply LE Flat Matte Top Coat. Cure for 60 seconds, wipe with LEpro Cleanser, apply LEpro Cuticle Oil and finish with the Q&Lu Bamboo Lotion."
-Scratch Magazine

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