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Yummy Gummy UV/LED Glitter Gel

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A true pastel pixie-blue Glitter Gel with lots of tiny firefly sparkles throughout. Pro Tip: One coat is soft and translucent, while two coats gives it a fun blue pop!

Yummy Gummy UV/LED Glitter Gel, 17 ml

Coverage: Semi-Sheer
Effect: Glitter

Why choose LE Glitter Gels? Features & Benefits

LE Glitter Gels award-winning formulation is packed with premium glitter making them the brightest and longest-lasting on the market.

✅  4+ Week Wear

✅  100% HEMA-Monomer FREE!

✅  Voted #1 Best Glitter by Nail Pros

✅  Manufactured responsibly in Redmond, Oregon

✅  Apply over Lexy Line Hard Gels, JimmyGel or Acrylic

✅  First-ever Glitter Gel formulation to ensure glitter stays suspended for NO mixing

✅  4+ seasonal collections keep you on-trend


How To Step-by-Step Instructions Inside
  1. LE Glitter Gels can be applied over JimmyGel, hard gel and acrylic surfaces
  2. Using the Slip Layer technique, brush one thin coat of Glitter Gel over the entire nail bed
  3. Cap the free edge
  4. Cure for 1-minute in the LEDdot or LEDMiniDot
  5. If a more glittery appearance is desired, apply another coat and cure as instructed
  6. A top coat is required when using LE Glitter Gel. Apply Super Shiny or Top Gloss for perfect shine, or Flat Matte for a fun matte look, and cure as directed
Helpful Tips & Tricks More on LE Glitter Gels

Can be used for Nail Art!

Try using LE Glitter Gels for your French manicures, glitter fades and other nail art

How do I apply Glitter Gels?

For a tutorial video using LE Glitter Gels click here

Great for pedicures!

In addition to fingernails, Glitter Gels can be used on toenails! Use with JimmyGel as a flexible base on natural nails and toes.

Complete your look!

Try applying LE Glitter Gels over a coat of LE Color Gel for a stunning look


Voted #1 Best Glitter


Indestructible LE UV/LED Glitter Gels are the best in the industry, packed with glitter that stays suspended for no mixing!

100% HEMA-Free


Packed with premium pigments, this award-winning formulation is the brightest and longest-lasting on the market.