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P+ Khakis and Cameras Gel Polish

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This creamy, soft neutral is the perfect khaki grey. It’s an extremely light grey with a subtle tan undertone. This unique tone is a must-have for neutral lovers and minimalist styles.

New P+ Khakis and Cameras Gel Polish, 15 ml.

Coverage: Opaque
Effect: Flat/Cream

Nail Art Designs for Fall


1. Start with a base of Khakis and Cameras⁣

2. Place random drops of Grazing the Grasslands and Road to Zanzibar (do not cure)⁣

3. Take a thicker brush and dab the colors lightly, but do not completely blend (just enough to add texture) then cure⁣

4. Use Graceful Gazelle to add "burnt edges" to the map, cure

⁣5. Use Black Gel Paint to create the darker burned edges but leave some of the color underneath peaking out, cure⁣

6. Roughly add black spots and lightly blend them with your brush to add an aged look to the map, cure⁣

7. Use Graceful Gazelle to add the design to the center of your map, cure ⁣

8. Add Flat Matte to prepare for painting the tiny details of the map ⁣

9. Use the Black Gel Paint to add fine details, writing and designs to your map. Use light pressure so it looks faded and not too harsh. Cure. ⁣

10. Finish with Flat Matte or Super Shiny

For more nail art inspiration and step-by-step designs, click here

Why choose HEMA Free P+ Gel Polish? Learn more about P+

Just a few of the many P+ benefits are listed below!

✨ No Chip, 21+ Day Wear
✨ Use over JimmyGel, P+ QDbase, hard gel or acrylic
✨ Responsibly Manufactured in Redmond, Oregon
✨ Higher opacity for thinner application⁣
✨ Premium brush for silky-smooth application
✨ Twice the glitter in every bottle⁣
✨ Ideal balance of strength and flexibility 
✨ LE is always HEMA-Monomer Free, 9-Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free

P+ Application Step-by-Step Instructions Inside
  1. Prep the nail following the LE Protocol for prep and apply P+ QDbase in a thin, even coat capping the free edge then cure 60 seconds.
  2. Using the included application brush, apply P+ Gel Polish in a thin, even layer over the entire nail plate.
  3. Cap the free edge.
  4. Cure for 60 seconds in a LED Lamp (LEDdot recommended) or 2 minutes in a UV Lamp.
  5. If a more opaque appearance is desired, apply another P+ Gel Polish coat and cure as instructed.
  6. Apply P+ Top Coat and cure 60 seconds.
FAQ Your P+ Gel Polish Questions, Answered!

Frequently asked questions about P+ Gel Polish:

How do I soak off P+ Gel Polish?

For clients that want to completely remove their P+ enhancements, use P+ QDbase under your P+ Gel Polish for easy 7-minute removal with acetone!

  • File through the P+ Top Coat until you begin filing into the color coat
  • Soak approximately 7 minutes in LEpro Remover soaked cotton balls and foil wraps
  • After properly soaking, P+ Gel Polish will easily peel away from the nail
  • For more information and in-depth tutorials with P+ Gel Polish, click here


    No-Chip, 21+ Day Wear

    P+ Gel Polish

    Save time and money with P+ Gel Polish's easy 3-step, soak-off system!

    The Perfect Pair

    Use With JimmyGel

    Create natural overlays to elegant extensions using a soak-off system that is safe and delivers 21+ day wear!