JimmyGel Soak-Off Building Base by Color

JimmyGel Soak-Off Building Base
Shop four NEW shades in addition to the original Crystal Clear!  

Ideal Pink - a beautiful semi-transparent cover pink shade
Soft Pink - a light, delicate semi-transparent pink
Natural - a natural buff shade
Boomer White - a milky white perfect for baby boomer nail

Just as the original clear JimmyGel, all of the new shades perform beautifully underneath either hard gel colors or gel polishes, unleashing your full color selection for use with the JimmyGel family!  Whether you plan to simply let the gorgeous new JimmyGel shades shine on their own, use hard gel colors, or apply gel polishes on top, JimmyGel offers the ultimate versatility for every salon service and makes life in the salon that much easier.

✅ 4+ week wear, plus simple soak-off 
✅ Minimal filing for easy shaping
✅ Brush-bottle design saves time on extension services
✅ Formulated for use under any hard gel or soak-off gel
✅ LE is 9-FREE, HEMA Monomer-FREE, Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free

15 ml JimmyGel

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    Did you know that in-house R&D at our Oregon-based facility means we create everything from scratch? The result? Responsible products that are hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free, 9-free and HEMA-free that make you free to express your creativity and wow your clients. We believe that what’s inside matters.⁣


    ✨ 4+ week wear, plus simple soak-off 
    ✨Holds its shape on a form beautifully
    ✨Ideal balance of strength and flexibility
    ✨Brush-bottle design saves time on extension services
    ✨Completely versatile from thin to thick, short to long
    ✨Files quickly with minimal effort for easy shaping
    ✨Formulated for use under any hard gel or soak-off gel
    ✨Brush-bottle design makes transitions to long-lasting gel services quick and easy
    ✨ LE is 9-FREE, HEMA Monomer-FREE, Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free


    Is JimmyGel HEMA free?
    Like all Light Elegance gels, JimmyGel is 100% HEMA free!

    What is the soak off time?
    20-25 minutes when soaking thin layer of JimmyGel after removing any hard gel(s) on top and extra thickness.

    Can I use with non Light Elegance products?
    JimmyGel is compatible with most gels on the the market, but performance can only be guaranteed when using Light Elegance gels.

    What is the cure time for JimmGel?
    We recommend 1 minute LED or 2 minutes UV, but you may find that it cures faster with thin applications.  When applying for fast one-step manicures, cure for 2 minutes using the “120s” hard gel button in the LEDdot for high shine!

    I want to be able to offer all my hard gel colors to my soak off clients.  What is the protocol of using JimmyGel with hard gel?
    JimmyGel acts as a soak-off suspension system under any Light Elegance hard gel color or Lexy Line gel, which makes it perfect for soak-off clients that want to know the product can be completely removed using acetone. For removal, the hard gel must be filed completely off to allow the acetone to come in contact with the JimmyGel using a hand or eFile.  We recommend also removing as much of the JimmyGel as possible with a file to reduce the soak-off time.

    How many applications of JimmyGel per bottle?
    17-51 depending on length of nail.

    What is the Cost Per Service?
    $0.39 - $1.17 USD depending on length.

    Can JimmyGel be soaked off?
    It can! If you apply hard gels over it, you must, of course, file through the hard gel to allow the acetone to come in contact with the JimmyGel. Like any soak-off gel, the thicker the application, the longer the soak time, so removing as much of the JimmyGel as possible before soaking will reduce the soak time for complete removal. You can also do fast fills with JimmyGel and don't need to soak off completely every time for repeat clients!

    What is the best way to soak JimmyGel off? 
    For fastest removal, we recommend removing all products on top of the JimmyGel with a hand or eFile, filing the JimmyGel down to remove 90% of the JimmyGel, then soaking the JimmyGel in acetone for complete removal if desired by the client.  We always recommend performing fills on top of the existing, reshaped JimmyGel and exposing the natural nail to acetone only if complete removal is desired by the client for prolonged nail health.

    If you didn’t want to soak it off can you do an in fill with this?
    JimmyGel is formulated to be great for fast fills! While you can soak off completely, we recommend in-fills to save time and product!

    Can JimmyGel be used just as a base coat? Or does it have to be slightly built up to last?
    JimmyGel is flexible and lasts really well in just a thin coat over the natural nail. Adding structure is of course recommended for extensions.