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Crystal Clear JimmyGel Building Base in a Bottle

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Crystal Clear JimmyGel Building Base in a bottle, 15 ml

JimmyGel, has changed salon services world-wide with its ability to create structured overlays, extensions or fast manicures in a soak off formulation.

✅ 4+ week wear, plus simple soak-off 
✅ Minimal filing for easy shaping
✅ Brush-bottle design saves time on extension services
✅ Formulated for use under any hard gel or soak-off gel
✅ LE is always 9-Free, HEMA Monomer Free, Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free

    Why choose JimmyGel? Features & Benefits

    The award-winning JimmyGel is changing salon services world-wide!

    JimmyGel is available in five shades including: Boomer White, Natural, Soft Pink, Ideal Pink and Crystal Clear

    ✨  4+ week wear, plus simple soak-off

    ✨  Holds its shape on a form beautifully

    ✨  Ideal balance of strength and flexibility

    ✨  Brush-bottle design saves time on extension services

    ✨  Completely versatile from thin to thick, short to long

    ✨  Files quickly with minimal effort for easy shaping

    ✨  Formulated for use under any hard gel or soak-off gel

    ✨  LE is 9-FREE, HEMA Monomer-FREE, Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free


    How To Step-by-Step Instructions Inside

    Learn how to apply JimmyGel

    1. Prep cuticle and nail plate using the Light Elegance nail prep method
    2. Apply Tack to nails, cure for 30 seconds in the LEDdot or LED MiniDot lamp (Tack will increase long-term adhesion for fills and will also increase soak time for removal) Use P+ QDbase if you plan to soak off JimmyGel
    3. Apply a slip layer of JimmyGel to the nails
    4. Once the slip layer is applied, place an additional dollop of JimmyGel in the apex and stress area of the nails, to add structure. JimmyGel will self-level to a smooth application
    5. Cure for 1-minute in the LEDdot or LED MiniDot
    6. Cleanse the nail with LEpro Cleanser and perfect the nail shape if needed
    7. If adding color, apply desired color gel product (ButterCream, P+ Gel Polish, Color Gel or Glitter Gel) and cure as directed
    8. Finish with Super Shiny or Top Gloss for perfect shine, or Flat Matte when using hard gel decoration or finish with P+ Top Coat when decorating with P+ Gel Polish and cure as directed

    One JimmyGel, Two Ways to Win:

    Use Tack Bonding Agent underneath JimmyGel if you plan on doing fill services.

    Use P+ QDbase underneath JimmyGel if you—or your client—plan to completely soak off their enhancement.

    Click here to learn how to perform Natural Extensions using JimmyGel

    Helpful Tips & Tricks More on JimmyGel


    Is JimmyGel HEMA free?
    Like all Light Elegance gels, JimmyGel is 100% HEMA free!

    What is the soak off time?
    20-25 minutes when soaking thin layer of JimmyGel after removing any hard gel(s) on top and extra thickness.

    Can I use with non Light Elegance products?
    JimmyGel is compatible with most gels on the the market, but performance can only be guaranteed when using Light Elegance gels.

    What is the cure time for JimmyGel?
    We recommend 1 minute LED or 2 minutes UV, but you may find that it cures faster with thin applications.  When applying for fast one-step manicures, cure for 2 minutes using the “120s” hard gel button in the LEDdot for high shine!

    For more FAQ and additional information about JimmyGel click here

    For a video tutorial using JimmyGel click here

    For instructions on how to use JimmyGel with clear, full cover tips click here

    For instructions on how to use JimmyGel with 1/2 or full-well tips click here


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