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The WhoDunit? Step-by-Steps and Nail Art Inspiration


Discover trending nail art, new colors and get inspired by the new Fall 2022 WhoDunit? P+/CG/GG collection!

Textured Tweed


1. Apply one coat of Dusting for Prints and cure 30 seconds in the LEDdot. Then apply one coat of Flat Matte and cure 60 seconds in the LEDdot
2. Using Lil’ Fluff Brush, add some brush strokes of Dirty Little Secret the sprinkle on Apex Clear Acrylic Powder. Cure 30 seconds & cleanse
3. Repeat step 2 with Mr. Peabody
4. Repeat step with Predator in Pink (add as many colors as you want) 
5. After applying the last color, cleanse with LEpro Cleanser.

Fall Paisley


1. Start with one coat of Under Investigation as your base layer and paint half circles of Dirty Little Secret and No Clue as pictured and cure.
2. Using a Stripy Brush and Primary Black Gel Paint, outline the Dirty Little Secret circles with 2 half circle lines.
3. Again using a Stripy Brush and Primary Black Gel Paint, start to paint your paisly design & cure as you go.
4. Repeat step 3 adding more to your unique design
5. Continue adding more paisley pattern details with Primary Black Gel Paint and cure once you are satisfied with your paisley pattern
6. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat over the entire nail, then cure and cleanse
7. Top the circles of No Clue Glitter Gel with Super Shiny Top Coat, then cure and cleanse for a unique look!

Galaxy Moon


1. Apply one coat of Dirty Little Secret, cure
2. Apply Dirty Little Secret, Predator in Pink, and Smokin’ Gun in random swirls, do not cure. 
3. Using a straw or pipette, blow through the straw or puff with the pipette to move the colors around until you reach the desired affect, and cure
4. Apply Questionable Motives  as pictured and cure
5. Apply Flat Matte, cure, cleanse, and buff 
6.  Using Primary White Gel Paint and a Swirly Brush, apply small dots to make stars and create a half moon 
7.  Create shadowing on the moon with Primary Black Gel Paint 
8. Top with Super Shiny or Flat Matte, cure and cleanse

Argyle Pattern


1. Start with Dusting for Prints as your base color in either P+ or Color Gel
2. On one side of the nail, create a triangle with your Stripy Brush. Make sure the peak is just shy of the center of the nail
3. Repeat the triangle pattern on the opposite side using Dirty Little Secret
4. With the Stripy Brush, take Predator in Pink and create a crisscross pattern starting at the cuticle and ending in the opposite triangle edge
5. Repeat the crisscross pattern, but start at the free edge and end in the opposite end of the triangle to complete the argyle pattern
6. Finish with Flat Matte or Super Shiny Top Coat is using hard gels, or P+ Top Coat if using P+ Gel Polish to create your desired finish!

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Layered Look


1. Apply Dusting for Prints at the cuticle and pull down all the excess product down the nail
2. Do the same thing with Predator in Pink but leave a space so you can still see the previous color
3. Repeat again with Dirty Little Secret
4. Apply Dirty Little Secret with a dotting tool on Dusting for Prints by the cuticle
5. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat

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Fall Florals


1. Apply 2 coats of Mr. Peabody 
2. Using Swirly Brush and a circular motion, apply Dusting for Prints in small flower patterns and cure 
3. Using the same method as step 2, apply Under Investigation in the open spaces and cure
4. Using Swirly and Gold Metallic ButterCream apply vines and leaves, creating petals up and around the flowers with varying pressure of your brush
5. Using Primary White Gel Paint and Bling Stylus #1, add small dots to highlight the spaces that are left. 
6. Top with Super Shiny, cure, and cleanse 



We can’t wait for you to discover these 12 new shades perfect for fall! Be sure to #LEWhoDunit when you start designing with these new colors for a chance to be featured on Light Elegance's social media pages.

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