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The Drive In ButterCream Collection - Nail Art Designs


Discover trending nail art, new colors and get inspired by the new Summer 2022 The Drive In ButterCream collection!

Hot Summer Paisley


1. Apply Backseat Neckin' ButterCream as a bright base color
2. With a Stripy Brush, take Twilight Date Night and create oblong flower petals for a vintage look
3. Using Those Summer Nights and Veggies & Vines, create a long thin line with the Stripy Brush
4. Using the same colors, create little petals on the sides ranging from larger to small with the Swirly Brush 
5. With the Stripy Brush, paint a thin wave of Movie Under the Moonlight and Primary White Gel Paint
6. Accent your design with Black and White Gel Paint dots using the #1 Bling Stylus
7. Finish with Flat Matte or Super Shiny Top Coat

Popping Popcorn


1. Apply two coats of Movie Under The Moonlight ButterCream
2. Using Just White ButterCream, create your popcorn bucket and cure
3. Using Stripy Brush, apply Backseat Necking ButterCream in vertical lines on the bucket to create ridges
4. Mix a bit of Primary Yellow Gel Paint with Primary White Gel Paint, then apply with Bling Stylus #3 to create your popcorn base 
5. Apply Those Summer Nights ButterCream along the top of the bucket using Swirly Brush, then using Bling Stylus #1, apply Double Feature ButterCream randomly to create popcorn cores 
6. Apply Super Shiny Top Coat, cure and cleanse 
7. Using Bling Stylus #3 apply more of your yellow mixture to create 3D popcorn kernels
8. Lastly, add more yellow to the mix and using your Bling Stylus #3, add some butter to the popcorn. Cure and cleanse. 

Floral Fun


1. Apply Previews and Popcorn ButterCream over Soft Pink JimmyGel

2. Draw a large wavy line (doesn’t have to be perfect) with Movie Under The Moonlight and Block Brush

3. Again using Block Brush, create flower petals using Backseat Neckin’

4. Using Those Summer Nights and Stylus #3, make some dots as the center of the flowers 

5. With Just White ButterCream, outline the flowers with Swirly Brush and add a few dots. With Primary Black Gel Paint, draw some tiny black dots in the middle of the flowers. 

6. Finish with Flat Matte Top Coat 

Movie at Dusk


1. Once you have a structured nail, cleanse the nail with LEPro Cleanser and an LEpro Cleansing Wipe. Apply a coat of Previews and Popcorn, cure for 30 seconds. Repeat with a second coat, cure 30 seconds. 

2. Apply Twilight Date Night with the #6 Gel Polish Bling Brush. On one third of the nail, starting at the cuticle and holding the brush parallel to the nail, gently tap the product onto the nail letting Previews and Popcorn peek through. Use the same technique to apply Movie Under the Moonlight on the second third of the nail. Lastly apply Those Summer Nights to the last third of the nail down to the free edge. Cure 30 seconds. Repeat this step.
3. Add clouds using Just White ButterCream and the Block Brush. Add a couple stars from Sandy Bottoms Glitter Gel. Cure 30 seconds in the LEDdot. 

4. Apply a coat of Crystal Clear JimmyGel. Cure 60 1 minute. Cleanse the nail, buff with a Foamie File. Apply Super Shiny Top Coat and cure for one minute in the LEDdot. Cleanse with LEpro Cleanser and an LEpro Cleansing Wipe. Apply LEpro Cuticle Oil. 

Intermission at The Drive-In


1. Apply Previews and Popcorn ButterCream and cure. Apply a half circle using Those Summer Nights at the tip and cure 
2. Apply Flatt Matte Top Coat, cure and cleanse
3. Sketch out your character with a pencil and outline with Primary Black Gel Paint then cure 
4. Fill in the main part of the cup with Twilight Date Night and cure 
5. Fill in white details and add highlights on the cup with Primary White Gel Paint and cure
6. Outline the bubbles and stars with Primary White Gel Paint
7. Fill in the darker details with Primary Black Gel Paint 
8. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat, cure and cleanse 

Tropical Florals


1. Place Those Summer Nights and Backseat Necking ButterCream on a tip and ombré them together with an Oval #6 Brush and cure.

2. Using a Stripy Brush, apply soft lines of Movie Under The Moonlight ButterCream and then cure.

3. Again using a Stripy Brush, softly stripe Twilight Date Night ButterCream on the nail with a swirling motion and then cure.

4. With the tip of your brush, dot Previews and Popcorn ButterCream along the edges of your lines, then cure.

5. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat and go strut the town! 

Let's All Go To The Lobby!


1. Using The Drive-In Buttercream Collection, apply Twilight Date Night as the base. With a StripyBrush and Black Tie Buttercream, make a hotdog outline and legs
2. Fill in the hot dog with Double Feature and the bun with Those Summer Nights
3. Using a Stripy Brush, Black Tie ButterCream, and Just White ButterCream, create a mouth, eyes and brows as shown.
4. Lastly take Just White ButterCream and a Stripy Brush to make the hot dog some arms! Finish with Flat Matte Top Coat

Summer Watercolor


1. On a finish filed nail, scrub in a super thin layer of JimmyGel or 1 Step, don't cure.

2. Randomly place Twilight Date Night, Previews and Popcorn, Movie Under the Moonlight, Backseat Neckin’ and Those Summer Nights.

3. With an airbrush or a straw, blow the product around and cure once you have created the desired look.

4. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat and cure.

5. Add some fun lines and dots using Primary White Gel Paint and a Stripy Brush. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat.

Chasing Sunsets


1. Using a #6 Gel Polish Bling Brush, lightly apply Backseat Neckin’, Movie Under the Moonlight and Twilight Date Night ButterCreams and sweep side to side to blend
2. With a Stripy Brush, paint a semi circle for the sun using Those Summer Nights ButterCream
3. Swipe side to side to lightly blend the sun into the ocean
4.  Using Stripy Brush and Primary White Gel Paint, create fine lines for the birds and waves
5.  Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat

Butterfly Wings


1. Start by applying your colors on your nail in a step pattern, Twilight Date Night, Movie Under the Moonlight, Backseat Necking and Those Summer Nights, but do not cure. 

2. Using the Stripy Brush, begin in the color at the free-edge and pull straight through all of the colors, keeping all the colors wet, not cured. 

3. Wipe off your brush and repeat several times, then cure. 

4. Using Primary Black Gel Paint, paint on the base of your butterfly wing. 

5. Add smaller lines to create cells in the wings and cure. 

6. Add some white dots in the margins of the wings and cure. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat. 

Summer Marble


1. Start with a thin base of Crystal Clear JimmyGel on your prepped nail and do not cure
2. Use your Block Brush and float Twilight Date Night ButterCream into the wet JimmyGel
3. Repeat Step 2 with Those Summer Nights and Movie Under The Moonlight. Once you are happy with your design, cure for 60 seconds
4. Add another thin coat of JimmyGel and apply foil, cure for 60 seconds
5. Lightly buff with a LE Foamie File. Using your Stripy Brush and Black Tie ButterCream, draw imperfect half circles using different pressures throughout your stroke. Cure for 30 seconds
6. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds

Tie Dye


1. Select which colors you want to use for your tie-dye design. I chose to use all six from The Drive-In collection!
2. Using a Stripy Brush, apply the colors starting at one end or corner in stripes. Don't be afraid to let the colors touch. Do not cure!
3. Keep repeating the color pattern or switch it up if you like until the nail is covered. Do not cure!
4. With a clean Stripy Brush, drag your brush perpendicular to your color stripes going in one direction. Make sure to clean your brush after every swipe and make sure your lines are evenly spaced and not too close together. Do not cure!
5. Repeat the perpendicular lines but this time going the opposite direction and in between your first set of lines. NOW you can cure!
6. Finish off with some Super Shiny Top Coat, cure, cleanse and enjoy!



We can’t wait for you to experience these six new ButterCream shades perfect for summer! Be sure to #LEDriveIn when you start designing with these new colors for a chance to be featured on the Light Elegance social media pages.

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