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The Candy Shop Spring 2023 Collection Nail Art & Step-by-Steps

Discover trending nail art, new colors and get inspired by the new Spring 2023 Collection, The Candy Shop! #LECandyShop

3D Candy Drops


Watch how to recreate the Candy Drop Photoshoot Nails by Ashley Biasella using the NEW Candy Shop Collection!

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Ice Cream Dream


1. Apply Double Feature ButterCream as the base for your cone

2. With the Stripy Brush, paint thin lines diagonally with Primary White Gel Paint to start the waffle cone texture

3. Repeat step two in the opposite direction to complete the pattern

4. Using a Swirly Brush, take Bon Bon ButterCream from the tip down and create an ice cream drip

5. With the Stripy Brush, accent the ice cream with sprinkles featuring Totally Taffy, Minty Fresh and Candy Jar ButterCreams

6. Finish wih Flat Matte, or for a 3D effect, top the ice cream with Super Shiny Top Coat

Tasty Taffy Treats


1. Start with a background of Jelly Bean ButterCream 

2. Draw a little dot with two triangles coming off each side, using all colors, Candy Jar, Lollipop, Minty Fresh, Bon Bon, & Totally Taffy

3. Outline each circle and triangle using Primary Black Gel Paint

5. Finish with Flat Matte Top Coat 

Hubba Bubba Bubblegum


1. After applying and curing Totally Taffy ButterCream, use Just White ButterCream in a circular web like object and cure

2. Take the Swirly Brush and apply Lollipop ButterCream to create lips then cure

3. Take Bon Bon ButterCream and Swirly Brush to create a bubble from the lips, then cure

4. Using Lollipop and a #1 Bling Stylus, add depth to the bubble as shown, cure

5. With Black Tie ButterCream and a Stripy Brush, outline everything, then cure

6. Finally with Just White ButterCream and a dotting tool add highlights, then cure. 

7. Finish with Flat Matte Top Coat

Floral Fun


1. Start with a clean base of 2 coats of Bon Bon ButterCream

2. Doing one flower at a time and flash curing in between, paint the flower petals in a slightly overlaying pattern. I used my Swirly Brush for this and did 2 coats of each color to really make them pop. Colors I used from the top going clockwise: Lollipop, Totally Taffy, Candy Jar and Minty Fresh

3. I added a bit of Pixie Purple Glitter Gel to the center of each flower. Use a Swirly Brush to pick out the glitter pieces you want to use so it doesn’t add any bulk.

4. Finally, use Lollipop and Totally Taffy to outline the petals and create little veins in the center of the flowers. Finish with a top coat of Super Shiny

Sweet Swirls


1. Apply Bon Bon ButterCream over 2/3 of the nail vertically (don't cure)
2. Apply Minty Fresh ButterCream over 2/3 of the the nail blending over Bon Bon, cure
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for more coverage
4. Apply Sinfully Sweet Glitter Gel over Minty Fresh ButterCream and fade towards Bon Bon. Cure
5. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat, cure
6. Using your Swirly Brush, paint an 's' shape with Top Gloss (Do Not Cure). Apply your favorite fine dry glitter then cure

** pro tip** Use a fine glitter gel (such as Tiny Diamond) in the same color as your dry glitter before Top Gloss. Doing this extra step will work as a safety base which will help keep the integrity of the look if some dry glitter wares off.

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Sweet Swirls


1. Apply Lollipop P+ Gel Polish on one side of the nail then apply Candy Jar P+ Gel Polish and blend to make the ombre. Once you’re happy with the ombre, cure as directed 

2. Apply a second coat, blend and then cure

3. Apply Lollipop over top of Candy Jar, then apply Candy Jar over Lollipop and create your ombre, but do not cure this

4. Using a clean #6 Gel Polish Brush, drag across removing gel in a wave pattern 2 times, then cure 

5. Using a #2 Bling Stylus, dot opposite colors in a random pattern, then cure

6. Using Bubblegum Baby, lightly apply a stripe down the centre of the nails, then cure 

7. Finish with P+ Top Coat, cure as directed and cleanse

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We can’t wait for you to discover these 12 new shades perfect for spring available in 3 formulations! Be sure to #LECandyShop when you start designing with these new colors for a chance to be featured on LE's social media pages.

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