The Artist Collection | Nail Art Step-By-Steps

Embrace your inner artist and discover inspiration from these nail looks created using the new #LEArtist palette.
The Artist meets the demands of Spring’s modern fashion trends—soft and neutral—while drawing inspiration from classic art masterpieces.



1. Apply the LE Color Gel Pencils & Paint Brushes as your base color 
2. Using your Gel Polish Brush, apply My Masterpiece Glitter Gel all over the nail. (For more depth, concentrate the larger pieces near the edges)
3. Apply Super Shiny or encapsulate with JimmyGel for a smooth even surface. 
4. Buff smooth
5. With a Stripy Brush, sketch out your pattern with Primary White Gel Paint and don’t cure.
6. Using your Block Brush, blend out the gel paint with cleanser for a soft, cloud-like pattern.
7. Taking the Stripy Brush, again add thin lines to emphasize the natural patterns formed from blending. 
8. Finish with Super Shiny or Flat Matte Top Coat for an iridescent, opal effect. 


1. Start with 2 coats of Bare Canvas, Cure 
2. Apply a layer of clear Jimmy Gel, Do not cure 
3. Using Bling Stylus #2 place small dots in clusters using I'll Pose For Leo, taking Stripy, run your brush lightly through the color to create flower petals, do not cure, you want the Jimmy Gel to help the color bloom. 
4. Using Stripy apply Stroke Of Genius in thin lines to create the stems, Cure 
5. Apply another layer of Clear Jimmy Gel, Do not cure
6. Repeat step #3 using Take it Easel, placing the dots just below the first ones. Cure 
7. Apply one last thing layer of clear Jimmy Gel, using Stroke of Genius and Bling Stylus #2 apply dots at the base of the flower petals and everywhere you would like to add leaves, do not cure
8. Using Stripy, run the brush lightly through the dots to create the base of the flower and leaves, connecting the bottom of the leaves to the stem. Cure
9. Using White Gel Paint and Stripy add highlights to the stems and flowers, Cure
10. Finish the nails with Super Shiny 


1. Paint stems and tiny leaves on a white nail with black gel paint.
2. Use Stroke of Genius color gel to paint some leaves on the tips of the black stems.
3. With Pencils and Paintbrushes color gel, paint the same leaf shape slightly larger than the last and before curing, take the very tip of your gel brush with a light touch, soften/blur out the outside of those purple leaves.
4. Paint a few little details on your green leaves with Primary Back Gel Paint to give them some character. Then top the nail with Flat Matte.
5. Using Take It Easel color gel, and a Bling Stylus, paint a bunch of tiny dots on top of your purple designs. Sprinkle clear acrylic powder on top before curing to give a matte textured look. Add a few little bunches of white dots and you're all done. 

Bonus Tip: To create the speckled egg look on the other nails. Mix your colors with a tiny bit of Smokin' Hot Pepper also from LE. I added a tiny bit of some slightly bigger loose black glitters for more dimension. 


1. On the back of a piece of form paper, place one stroke of various colors an glitters from The Artist collection and cure in the LEDdot for 60 seconds.
2. Remove the cured color gels from the form and cleanse both sides. Using your LEpro Straight Scissors, cut each swatch into tiny jagged pieces. 
3. Next apply Boomer White JimmyGel and cure for 60 seconds. 
4. Apply a second coat of Boomer White JimmyGel and place the pieces of the cured color and glitter gel into the uncured JimmyGel layer. Cure for 60 seconds. 
5. Apply a thin layer of Boomer White JimmyGel over the entire nail to encapsulate and cure for 60 seconds.
6. Cleanse the nail with LEpro Cleanser and LEpro cleansing wipes. then finish file and buff until smooth. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat and cure 60 seconds.


1. Start with a full cover nail using Take it Easel color gel
2. Using I'll Pose for Leo color gel and a Swirly Brush, paint on some flower petals. 
3. Use Pencils & Paintbrushes color gel and a Swirly Brush to add some low-light shading on the under side of the petals. 
4. Again using Stripy Brush, apply Stroke of Genius color gel for a stem and leaves. 
5. Outline lightly with Primary Black Gel Paint and a Stripy Brush. 
6. Finish with Flat Matte Top Coat


1. Apply Take It Easel Color Gel for your neutral base. 
2. Using your Block Brush, apply thick blocks of the LE Color Gels Bare Canvas, Pencils & Paintbrushes and Stroke of Genius randomly on the nail. 
3. For a pop of color, add smaller sections of Do The Van Go-Go Color Gel. 
4. With your Lil’ Fluff Brush, drag the colors down to blend. (Make sure to clean your brush between each motion)
5. Using your Stripy Brush, pull thin lines of the individual colors for a more dramatic look. 
6. Finish with Super Shiny or Flat Matte Top Coat for a more artistic effect.

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