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NEW Summer by the Sea Nail Art Designs & Step-by-Steps


Discover trending nail art, new colors and get inspired by the new Summer 2022 Summer by the Sea P+/CG/GG collection!

Tropical Waves


1. Once you have a structured nail, cleanse the nail with LEPro Cleanser and an LEpro Cleansing Wipe 
2. Apply a layer of Once Upon a Tide Glitter Gel and cure for one minute in the LEDdot
3. Next, apply a layer of P+ QDbase, but do not cure. Using your LE #1 Stylus Tool, apply Ocean Avenue color gel into uncured P+ QDbase diagonally. Make sure to drag Ocean Avenue through the P+ QDbase to leave openings to see the glitter through the color. Cure one minute in the LEDdot
4. Apply layer of JimmyGel, cure one minute In the LEDdot cleanse the nail and finish file. Buff with Foamie File 
5. Apply Super Shiny Top Coat, cure for one minute in the LEDdot
6. Cleanse with LEpro Cleanser and an LEpro Cleansing Wipe

3D Seashell


1. Apply Ocean Avenue and Catch of the Day Color Gels, alternating colors, do not cure
2. Using your Gel Polish Bling Brush, blend the colors together and cure
3. Using your Primary White Gel Paint and Primary Black Gel Paint, dab them in a line across the top and bottom of the nail, using your Stripy Brush, swipe up through to create lines, cure
4. Apply Beachy Glitter Gel across the white lines and using Stripy, run your brush through and create the same lines, then cure
5. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat and cleanse
6. Using Clear Builder Gel and Swirly, apply thick lines of gel, using a larger drop at the tip and thing it out towards the back to create your seashell effect. Cure and cleanse

Framed Sunset


1. Ombre Don't Be Crabby and The Coral Cottage over most of the nail
2. Paint the outline of your sunset and then fill in the outsides in Primary Black Gel Paint
3. Add a palm tree and a couple of little birds
4. Finish with Flat Matte Top Coat

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Beachy Lounge Chair


1. Paint The Coral Cottage at the tip, Searching for Seashells in the middle and Sandcastle near the cuticle Blend with Lil’ Fluff and top with Flat Matte Top Coat
2. Apply Just White Buttercream with a Stripy Brush in two lines as shown and a small line across
3. Using Ocean Avenue and Stripy Brush, make a swooping sideways V
4. Apply Just White Buttercream on the back of the seat with the same movement but more rigid.
5. With Ocean Avenue, fill in the seat of the chair. Then with a Stripy Brush, make lines down the seat with Just White Buttercream
6. Lightly apply Starfish Kisses as if it is sand at the bottom of chair and finish with Flat Matte Top Coat

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The Seashore


The Sea Shore

1. Using Sandcastle, polish the bottom half of the nail at a wavy angle and cure
2. Using Once Upon A Tide glitter gel, polish the top half of the nail filling in the remaining space and cure
3. Use a little Salty Sweet glitter gel to dab the lines where the "shore" meets the "sea" and cure
4. Apply a very light coat of Starfish Kisses glitter gel by using lots of pressure on your brush. Be sure to get some stars on! Cure.
5. Go over the entire nail with a layer of Crystal Clear JimmyGel to even out the texture and cure
6. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat to the bottom half and Super Shiny Topcoat to the top half. Cure and then cleanse



1. Apply The Coral Cottage color gel as your base color with the #6 Gel Polish Bling Brush
2. Thinly apply Sandy Bottoms Glitter Gel. Make sure the larger pieces are spread out for more dimension 
3. Encapsulate with JimmyGel or top with the P+ Top Coat or Super Shiny to smooth out the surface and buff smooth 
4. With a Stripy Brush and Primary White Gel Paint, start at the tip of the nail and pull back your brush, tapering as you approach the cuticle area. 
5. Using your favorite crystal base, add some details to the cuticle area
6. Optional - Apply Top Gloss (No-Wipe Top Coat) and chrome the nail with Ice Pigment for a pearl effect!

Palm Tree at Sunset


1. Apply Searching for Seashells, The Coral Cottage, and Don't Be Crabby, do not cure
2. Using your Gel Polish Bling Brush blend the colors together and cure
3. Apply Ocean Avenue to create the water line and cure
4. Apply Sandcastle to the bottom of the nail and cure
5. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat then cure and cleanse. Then using Primary White Gel Paint and your Block Brush, pat cloud shapes onto the sky
6. Mix Primary Green and Primary Red Gel Paint to create a dark brown, apply with a Swirly Brush to create the stem of the palm tree
7. Using Catch of The Day and your Swirly Brush, create the palm leaves
8. Apply your brown color mixture and Primary Green Gel Paint to create low lights, cure, apply top coat of choice

Sandy Sea Shells


1. Paint alternating lines of Just White ButterCream and Ocean Avenue. Before curing, blend the colors together so they look like a bit of an ombre into each other then cure
2. Add Flat Matte Top Coat and cure
3. Paint long white lines down the nail with one end of the line thicker than the other
4. Cover those lines in acrylic powder before curing.
5. For a little bit of a "buried in sand look" paint on a bit of Sandcastle in different spots of the sea shell. Cover that in acrylic powder as well, then cure

Summer Florals


1. Apply two coats of Searching for Seashells using your #4 Gel Polish Bling Brush & cure 60sec in your LEDdot
2. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat, cure and cleanse 
3. Using a Block Brush, paint flowers with Don't be Crabby and The Coral Cottage and cure
4. Create leaves with Catch of the Day and your Swirly Brush and cure
5. Using your Stripy Brush and Primary Black Gel Paint, create the stems and leaves. I like to paint the stem and then dab the leaves with a Swirly Brush. I then gently pull the black paint from the stem, running through the leaf and out the other side to a point and ure
6. Take your #1 Stylus Tool and Primary Black Gel Paint with Ocean Avenue to make tiny dots in the flowers as well as randomly on the nail base, cure
7. Finish with Flat Matte Top Coat

Sandy Beach


1. Paint the outline of an umbrella and sand with Primary Black Gel Paint
2. Color-in the umbrella with Catch of the Day & The Coral Cottage
3. Take Sandcastle and fill in the sandy ground
4. Using Lil’ Fluff Brush with some Primary Black Gel Paint, dapple on Sandcastle to create a sand-like texture 
5. Outline the umbrella with a Stripy Brush and Primary Black Gel Paint 
6. Finish design with Flat Matte Top Coat


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