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Light Elegance Introduces The Party Nail

Making your own unique nail with breathtaking color, amazing depth and eye-catching glitter has never been easier—or looked better. Now choose between P+ soak-off or UV file-off and get the same incredible results. Find out how below.

After prepping and cleansing the nail, apply P+ Base Coat for soak-off or Bonder and a clear UV gel for file-off.

Apply P+ Gel Polish
or UV Color Gel and cure.

Next, apply P+ Glitter Gel 
or UV Glitter Gel and cure.

Add P+ Top Coat or Super Shiny and cure.

That's it. You’ve just created a Light Elegance Party Nail using your favorite colors and glitters. You’ve just used your client’s choice of  soak-off or file-off gels. You’ve just made your client very happy.