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Farmers Market ButterCream Collection Step-by-Step Designs


Discover trending nail art, new colors and get inspired by the new Spring 2022 Farmers Market ButterCream collection!

3D Flowers


1. Apply one thin coat of Veggies & Vines. Cure 30 seconds in the LEDdot. Repeat for a total of 2 coats.
2. Apply a coat of Flat Matte. Cure 1 min and cleanse. 
3. Using the Stripy Brush, add your flower petals. Tip: I like to dip the end of the brush in the color and make sure there is a little droplet at the end. I place down on the nail and pull into what would be the center of the flower. That makes the petal thicker on the outside. 
4. Pour some clear Apex Acrylic powder on the entire nail. Cure 1 minute.
5. Cleanse the nail. Apply small amount of LE’s Brush-On Glue to the center of each flower and apply crystals.

Fresh Peaches


1. Using Swirly apply one coat of Meet at the Market ButterCream in the shape of a peach. Cure
2. Using Swirly and Farm Fresh ButterCream, apply some shading and detail to the peach, blend lightly. Cure
3. Using Swirly apply Cherry Picked ButterCream around the edges and most shadow areas of the peach. Lightly blend. Cure
4. Using Swirly and Going Organic ButterCream to highlight the highest part of the peach. Lightly blend. Cure
5. Using Swirly and Primary Green Gel Paint create the leaves on top. Cure
6. Using Swirly and Veggies & Vines ButterCream add highlights to the leaves. Cure
7. Using shorty and Black Gel Paint shade in the darker areas of the leaves. Cure
8. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat cure and cleanse

Happy Spring


1. Apply your base color of Locally Grown ButterCream and cure
2. With your Swirly Brush, create rain drop petals with Farm Fresh ButterCream leaving space in between each petal.
3. Using Leotards & Legwarmers Buttercream and your Stripy Brush, add wispy lines to the center of each petal 
4. Accent your flowers and background using Veggies & Vines with a Bling Stylus #1
5. With the very tip of your Stripy Brush, take a very small amount of Black Gel Paint and outline the petals in a wavy pattern. 
6. Top coat with Flat Matte for a velvety floral effect. 

Just Peachy


1. Using Going Organic ButterCream, paint the whole nail as your base.
2. With a #2 Bling Stylus, make a medium size circle for your orange with Farm Fresh ButterCream.
3. Using Meet at the Market ButterCream and your Bling Stylus, make an upside down rounded triangle for your strawberry.
4. Mix Meet at the Market and Farm Fresh for a round heart shape for your peach.
5. Using the LE Stripy Brush make the stems with Chemical Imbalance and Veggies and Vines. Using the same brush, use Going Organic to highlight your fruit.
6. Lastly, use Locally Grown and your dotting tool to create small dots and randomly apply My Masterpiece Glitter Gel sparingly. Then use Flat Matte Top Coat.

Perfect Tortoise


1. Apply a very thin layer of Farm Fresh ButterCream as your base color and cure.
2. With your Block Brush take Walk Like an Egyptian ButterCream and press/drag in a diagonal pattern.
3. Using the Block Brush and Walk Like an Egyptian, randomly place irregular spots layering over your diagonal pattern.
4. With Black Gel Paint and the Block Brush, apply irregular spots once again layering over and adding more depth.
5. Apply a thin layer of Farm Fresh ButterCream.
6. Make your Tortoise Shell design pop with more irregular spots with Black Gel Paint.
7. Topcoat with Super Shiny *Bonus* Before Step 5 apply a Gold foil for added depth.

Watercolor Florals


1. Start with Meet at the Market ButterCream and soften the edges of the color after placing it where you want. Tap the edges of the color with a Block Brush and a bit of LEpro Cleanser lightly to distort it a bit.
2. Then add Farm Fresh, Cherry Picked and Veggies & Vines ButterCreams to fill in the rest of the nail. Before curing, use a Block Brush and some cleanser to blur lines and kind of blend the colors into each other. Then top with Flat Matte.
3. With those same colors, paint in some flowers on top of the watercolor. Paint a different flower for each color.
4. Fill in the black spots with a few green leaves.
5. Top coat one more time with Flat Matte. 
6. With Primary White Gel Paint, add little details to all of the flowers.



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We can’t wait for you to experience these six new ButterCream shades perfect for spring! Be sure to #LEFarmersMarket when you start designing with these new colors for a chance to be featured on the Light Elegance social media pages.

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