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Fall 2022 A Walk in Central Park ButterCream Nail Art Inspiration & Step-by-Steps

Discover trending nail art, new colors and get inspired by the new Fall 2022 A Walk in Central Park ButterCream collection!

Autumn Blooms


1. Start with applying Manhattan Mauve ButterCream over your finished filed nail
2. Using the Stripy Brush and Bundle Up Blue ButterCream, paint thin lines to create a tree branch design across nail
3. With the Swirly Brush and A Jog with My Dog ButterCream, create fall tear drop leaves across the branches and background
4. Take Mad About Plaid ButterCream with a Bling Stylus and add little berries along the branches
5. For a pop of color, add abstract wavy lines of Central Park Stroll ButterCream around the edges with the Stripy Brush
6. Finish with either Super Shiny or Flat Matte Top Coat

Bundle Up Blue Plaid


1. Dilute Bundle Up Blue ButterCream with some Crystal Clear JimmyGel and paint two thick vertical lines onto a white nail
2. Next, paint two horizontal lines creating a plaid look and cure
3. Dilute Manhattan Mauve ButterCream and with that, paint a thin line in the middle of each blue line
4. After curing, using Bundle Up Blue (not diluted) paint thin lines creating a plus sign in the middle of the nail
5. Finish with Flat Matte or Super Shiny Top Coat

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Falling Leaves


1. Apply a thin layer of Bundle Up Blue over a clear base or enhancement and cure
2. Apply a second layer of Bundle Up Blue, applying it thicker by the cuticle and then blending it down so the tip is still somewhat see through and cure
3. Using What's Your Alibi? Glitter Gel, apply the glitter in a swirling motion across the nail and cure
4. Apply a thin layer of Crystal Clear JimmyGel and apply leaf pieces if desired into wet gel and cure
5. Encapsulate with Crystal Clear JimmyGel if needed, buff, and top with Super Shiny Top Coat

Spotted Nail


1. On top of a white nail, paint two curvy diagonal lines on the nail
2. Add Rendezvous With You ButterCream along each of the painted lines
3. Do the same with Central Park Stroll ButterCream
4. Add black spots all over the white parts of the nail
5. With a light hand, paint a very thin line of Gold Metallic ButterCream in between two of the already painted lines
6. Top coat with Flat Matte or Super Shiny

Good Ol’ Plaid


1. Using Wanna Be My Tarzan ButterCream, apply in a diagonal stroke along the nail and cure
2. With Central Park Stroll, apply at the top of the nail then smear it down to create a blended look and cure
3. Using A Jog With My Dog, apply at the nail tip and at the top right. Then, with a Stripy Brush, make thin lines as shown and cure.
4. Take a Stripy Brush and use Black Tie ButterCream to create the plaid look.
5. Then take Metallic Gold and dab it along the edges of A Jog With My Dog and cure
6. Lastly, apply Flat Matte Top Coat and cure

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Ombre Sparkle Leaves


1. Blend together horizontally A Jog with My Dog, Mad About Plaid and Rendezvous with You ButterCreams and cure
2. Add What's Your Alibi? Glitter Gel from the LE WhoDunit? collection diagonally on the nail
3. Add or paint leaves on each side of the glitter
4. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat

Abstract Autumn


1. Using a Block Brush, add small spots of Bundle up Blue, Central Park Stroll, and Rendezvous With You and do not cure
2. Do the same with A Jog with My Dog, Mad About Plaid, and Manhattan Mauve and do not cure
3. Take a dry gel polish brush and on one half of the nail, from cuticle to free edge, gently float and pull the color down. Repeat on second half of the nail. Cure 30 seconds in the LEDdot
4. Add foil to the nail. Cover with a layer of Crystal Clear JimmyGel and cure 1 minute in the LEDdot
5. Using a Foamie File, give a quick buff and finish off with Super Shiny Cure 1 minute in the LEDdot
6. Cleanse with LEpro Cleanser and finish service with LEpro Cuticle Oil 

Oil Painting


1. Apply Central Park Stroll and Bundle Up Blue then blend and cure
2. Apply Flat Matte and cure. With Rendezvous With You and a Stripy Brush, make a tree trunk and branches then cure
3. With an old Block Brush, dab A Jog With My Dog for the tree leaves and cure. Do the same with Mad About Plaid and Manhattan Mauve then cure
4. Add Manhattan Mauve below trees in an up down pattern with Stripy Brush. Then smear down giving it a oil paint look and cure
5. With that same pattern take tiny bit of Metallic Gold and smear downwards. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat and cure



We can’t wait for you to discover these 6 new shades perfect for fall! Be sure to #LECentralPark when you start designing with these new colors for a chance to be featured on Light Elegance's social media pages.

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