Save 15% on Gel Brushes | Free 2-Day Air @ $99!*
Save 15% on Gel Brushes | Free 2-Day Shipping @ $99!*
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LEU Upcoming Classes

Welcome to the Light Elegance University Class Schedule (US only). Our scheduled classes are listed below. Please contact us or the phone number listed below each class for more information.

No class in your area? Send us an email at and we'll find a way to get an Educator to you.



UV Nail Lights Safety
Three leading scientists in our industry prove that UV nail lights used to cure gel products are safe to use.  Doug Schoon (Schoon Scientific), Paul Bryson (OPI) and Jim McConnell (McConnell Labs) provide compelling data that supports their claims that UV nail lights are safe to use.  This data was compiled from an independent testing laboratory in Arizona that specializes in UV testing.

Training Videos
Our online library of training videos.