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APEX Cover Pink Powder

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APEX Cover Pink Acrylic Powder. Available in 45 grams.

Why choose APEX? Features & Benefits

Light Elegance is setting the curve for acrylic performance with the APEX Acrylic System

✨  Completely Color Stable

✨  Self-Leveling

✨  Excellent Clarity

✨  Extreme Control

✨  Non-Yellowing

✨  Require Minimal Filing

✨  Added Strength & Flexibility


How To: Pink & White Step-by-Step Instructions
  1. Apply form for sculpting or desired tip for a tip overlay application
  2. Apply Airbond to the entire nail. VitaPrime can also be used as a primer
  3. Using APEX Brilliant White acrylic apply a medium to large ball to the free edge and form the entire free edge, perfecting your smile line as well
  4. Apply APEX Blush Pink to the nail bed being careful not to draw the pink over the white acrylic
  5. Apply another small ball of APEX Blush Pink to the cuticle area
  6. Properly pinch nail to enhance the c-curve
  7. Remove the form (if applicable) and file to desired shape with a 100/180 Perfect File
  8. Further refine shape with the 180/280 Foamie File
  9. Cleanse the nail using LE Cleanser and Cleansing Wipes
  10. Apply Super Shiny and cure for 1 minute in the LEDdot or MiniDot, and cleanse the nail
Helpful Tips & Tricks More on APEX Acrylic

APEX is self-leveling!

Let the self-leveling APEX Liquid and Powder do the work. Reduce filing by giving your ball time to move around the nail and form a smooth surface

Control your work speed

Control how quickly your ball moves and levels by adding more or less liquid. More liquid = faster

How much acrylic and liquid should I use?

Use a 2 parts liquid to 1 part powder ratio

How can I decorate APEX acrylic?

Finish your APEX acrylic set with any LE color line! Apply P+ Gel Polish, ButterCreams, Color Gels or Glitter Gels over APEX


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