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What Does 9-Free Mean for Light Elegance Nail Products? | What's Inside Matters

What Does 9-Free Mean for Light Elegance Nail Products? | What's Inside Matters

Head Chemist and Co-Owner of Light Elegance, Jim McConnell shares what 9-Free really means when it comes to Light Elegance Nail Products. 

Do you know what's in your products and what to avoid when selecting nail products? Find out in this video, where Jim explains Industry Buzzwords, what they mean and what you should know about when shopping for nail products.

To see more from Jim, check out LE's Chemist Corner playlist here on YouTube to dive deeper into the importance of Why What's Inside Matters.


Why is Light Elegance HEMA Free? While many brands use it for adhesion and lowering costs, we avoid it along with HEA and IBOA to drastically lower the risk of allergies. Small molecular sized monomers like HEMA are known to penetrate the skin more easily than our state-of-the-art formulations high in premium oligomers, cause irritation and often lead to nail allergies. 

At Light Elegance, we prioritize quality and safety. We manufacture products from scratch here in Redmond, Oregon with high-quality ingredients to minimize allergic responses for industry safety. We believe, What's Inside Matters!

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