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Viva Magenta Shades from LE | Pantone's 2023 Color of the Year

Viva Magenta Shades from LE | Pantone's 2023 Color of the Year

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2023, Viva Magenta, is a shade you can find in beautiful tones of from LE!

Viva Magenta "is a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength. Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative." - Pantone

Viva Magenta is a color that's versatile and empowering! Pantone says, "because Viva Magenta is a red that strikes a balance between warm and cool, it’s not too harsh for the body. Instead it brings a fun, celebratory element... Viva Magenta shines on lips, cheeks, and nails. This versatile shade is universally flattering across ages, genders, and skin tones." -Pantone

We've gathered a list of nine Viva Magenta shades from LE so you can offer your clients the trendiest color of the year! 

1. Sexy Soirée

This fuchsia meets red has a shimmery satin finish. This color leans a bit more towards red, but the tiny bit of pink gives it a festive glow. A great winter red for any occasion!

Sexy Soirée is available in P+ Gel Polish, ButterCream and Color Gel formulations making it an easy go-to for any Viva Magenta mani! 

2. Cherry Picked ButterCream

A warm fuchsia base with tiny flecks of pink sparkle throughout. This muddled fuchsia is bold, but the tiny bit of sparkle adds a sweet softness making Cherry Picked easy to wear with a variety of looks.

3. First Class Only Color Gel

A rich, sophisticated shimmery cranberry red. A hint of dark, rustic red gives this shade an elegant balance of classy, elegance color and stunning shimmer perfect with your first class look. First Class Only leans towards the red of Viva Magenta that expresses a signal of strength! 

4. P+ Red Lips Gel Polish
Is it red or is it pink? It’s both! A creamy, flashy red with a pink tone. I’m not too bright but I have lots of great energy. P.S. I would make a great lipstick! This animated red, gel polish shade is perfectly balanced and wearable for all skin tones. Shop now

5. Spicy in Spain

If you're looking for a hot, empowering red, this is it! Spicy in Spain is the perfect red with just a hint of pink shimmer to pop! This red is transformative and refreshing.

6. Positively Charged

This creamy rich fuchsia is the perfect combination between a purple and a pink. A smart and sophisticated berry that expresses everything Viva Magenta represents. Shop now

7. Eat, Drink and Be Rosemary

A fine fuchsia glitter with a serious pop of pink featuring great coverage and smooth, easy application. This spectacular glitter reflects light and fits well with any celebratory fashion. Shop now

This glitter flashes optimistic celebration and self-expression, just as Viva Magenta expresses.

8. Hot Head

A bright winter berry with a teeny tiny fine pink shimmer. This color is bold and bright, but also dark and luscious. Shop now

9. Brrr! Berry

Lastly, a rich, creamy cranberry for a sophisticated manicure that is perfect for any Viva Magenta mani. Shop now

Now you have it, nine LE shades that will meet all of your Viva Magenta Manicure needs! We hope these bold shades help you manifest the empowering and celebratory features of this fabulous shade in 2023! 

Be sure to tag @lightelegancehq when you share your looks on social so we can see and share your fabulous Viva Magenta manicures! 

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