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Top 6 Tips for How to Run a Successful Nail Career and Business | Nail Tech Business | Nail Professional | Nail Salon Advice

Top 6 Tips for How to Run a Successful Nail Career and Business | Nail Tech Business | Nail Professional | Nail Salon Advice

When starting your own nail career, there are several key points to consider in order to build a successful clientele, professional business and ultimately a profitable career!

Learn LE’s top 6 tips for building a successful nail career and business from Co-Owner and Founder of Light Elegance, Lezlie McConnell.

1. Consider Your Finances
You have to know how much you will be spending in order to provide your services. Take into consideration your fees for your work space, products and other costs that can add up. Whether you are leasing a table or on commission, your product costs, insurance fees, etc. are all necessary for providing a service. 

The best way to do this is to make a spreadsheet and track all of your finances. This means everything coming in and everything going out.

Take note of how often you need to replenish your everyday salon essentials (wipes, cleanser, base and top coats etc.) based on how many clients you have to give yourself an estimate of product costs to expect.

You can also estimate how many services per bottle or jar you will get by doing some math! Check out our cost per service with P+ Gel Polish here! 

2. Profitable Pricing
It’s important to consider what you will charge for your services. When deciding your prices, remember that experience and speed can play a role in your ability to charge more.

This may take some time if you are just starting out, but can quickly be developed with dedication to mastering your craft! Advancing your education can enhance your techniques, increase your speed tremendously and add even more value to your services. 

LE provides world-class eduction both online and in-person for nail professionals of all levels. Check out the latest LEU classes here! 

"Remember that nail art is not everything! Proper shaping, long-wear and speed can increase your rates also" says Lezlie.

3. Time is Money
Speed can be key! Not only for you as the nail professional, but for the client as well.

It’s important to master your foundation and shaping schedule in a timely manner. This is where practice, as well as working with efficient, high-quality products can play a huge role. Save time on prep with the Zippy eFile, provide quick overlays with JimmyGel and speed up your finish filing with the Perfect Files.

The client’s timing also needs to be considered. Clients have busy lives as well! “Whether your client is a busy Attorney or a stay at home mom, all of your clients have a schedule and you have to respect that,” says Lezlie McConnell. 

Two of Lezlie's top tips for speeding up your services are:
1. "Be prepared and ready to go when the client walks in"
Know the services you will provide, the products you need and be ready to start immediately.
2. "Keep your client talking, so you can keep working!" 
Constant talking can slow you down. Learn to engage in conversation with your clients that keeps them talking so you can focus on your work while interacting with your client in an efficient, professional manner. 

4. Keep It Professional
Whether you are renting a table, working from home, or on-the-go, you are a professional running a business. It is important to maintain a level of professionalism in order to keep the respect of your clients and run a successful business. 

When it comes to scheduling, pricing and handling tardiness or no-shows, it's important to always remain professional and have policies in place that your clients will understand they need to uphold.

When you keep to your schedule, dress professional, set boundaries and provide excellent service, your clients will have no problem doing their part as well. It's a two-way street.

5. Confidence is Key
"Take control of your business by having confidence and setting boundaries from the start" says Lezlie. 

Don't be afraid to alter a service if a client is late or "fire" a client if they cannot respect your time or policies.

It all comes back to remaining professional and having the confidence needed to build a clientele that is beneficial to the success of your business! 

6. Building Your Dream Clientele
When it comes to building your (dream) clientele, there are a few things you can do to ensure every one of your clients will be happy to stick with you long-term! 

1. Be prepared and ready to go prior to each service
2. Keep a clean, organized environment
3. Be willing to work early mornings and late evenings to build your initial clientele
4. Invest in yourself (high-quality products and continued education)
5. Be professional and reliable and you will be able to mold your dream clientele into your dream schedule!
The possibilities as a Nail Professional are endless and the potential is all up to you!

We hope these tips have helped you and we look forward to watching you grow your business. Give us a tag on social @lightelegancehq so we can stay in the loop! 

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