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Real Reviews from an LEU Bachelor's Degree Training with LE Educator, Ashley Biasella

Real Reviews from an LEU Bachelor's Degree Training with LE Educator, Ashley Biasella

Light Elegance recently hosted a 2-Day LEU Bachelor's Degree Training in Phoenix, Arizona lead by talented LE Educator, Ashley Biasella and here's what some of the class attendees had to say! 

"This class has helped me improve 1,000% I feel more structured with my practice and see significant improvement. This has been a dream come true."
-Lindsey C

"Loved getting to see and test out products that I have never tried. I had many 'Aha' moments!" - Camille H.

Light Elegance University picks-up where beauty schools end and delivers a curriculum filled with extensive real-world knowledge. 

LEU provides its students with everything they need to build a client base and grow their salon businesses. Master LE product knowledge and chemistry, application techniques, natural nail types and finished nail shapes.

As LE Educator, Ashely Biasella says, "you can always be learning and advancing," our industry is constantly evolving and it is so important to stay on top of new techniques, technology and products.

Class attendees were not only raving about the class, but enjoyed learning from such a a talented and patient instructor!

"Ashley was an amazing instructor. I have used LE Glitter Gels and ButterCreams for years but never had experience with hard gels. Ashely was so patient and helpful. I look forward to taking more classes from LE but especially with Ashley." - Becky L. 

"Finished a two day training and I’m so happy I finally did it. Ashley was such a great educator. And I’m so excited to expand on my knowledge and craft of hard gel. I decided to become a gel only salon earlier in the year and I’m so confident coming out of class... I fell in love with Light Elegance Nail Products." - Kaylah H.

One class attendee even had Ashley sign her demo nail! 

"Just finished my Light Elegance bachelor program with Ashley who is extremely skilled educator. Was over all impressed with the product and the course. If you haven’t taken a class with Ashley I highly recommend it. I even got my demo nail (by my request) signed by her. She was such a great teacher and so humble about her amazing talents." - Tina T.

When asked why Nail Education is so important for our industry, Ashley says,"It helps us grow not only as professionals, but as true artists in our industry. Education reignites passion and helps people get one step further when they feel like they are stuck in place.

Light Elegance has played such a huge role with this not only in my career, by allowing me to help bring more education to nail artists everywhere, but to the industry as a whole, LE is built on the foundation of education and they are constantly pushing to bring that into an industry where we crave education but rarely are able to find it!"

Ashley shares that "this class in particular was such an amazing experience because we really had a range of nail professionals who had just started doing nails all the way up to 30+ years in the industry and it was amazing seeing each student growing and learning in different ways despite their levels of experience.

The growth was unbelievable. They really all came together to cheer one another on, and with so many of them from my home state they voiced that it meant a lot to them to be learning from their very own "Arizona Educator", and that really made it so special for me. I really look forward to doing more classes in the future, because teaching means the world to me!" - Ashley Biasella

A special thank you to Ashley for leading such a successful class and to the class attendees who are eager to learn and enhance their profession! You can find more from Ashley on social @BadAsh_Nails

If you're interested in taking an LEU class near you, check out the latest LE Class Schedule here and if you would like to request a class in your area, reach out to us on social or send us an email! 
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