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LE is More Than Just a HEMA Free Gel Nail Brand | We believe 'What's Inside Matters' | Chemistry, Quality, Community | Why LE Chooses to be HEMA Free

LE is More Than Just a HEMA Free Gel Nail Brand | We believe 'What's Inside Matters' | Chemistry, Quality, Community | Why LE Chooses to be HEMA Free

Light Elegance has always been more than just a HEMA Free gel nail brand. We believe in the importance of formulating high-performing, high-quality products for nail pros and their clients, while building a supportive, family community based on the principle of enhancing the nail industry together, as a whole.  

Whether you are completely new to LE or have been with us for years, there is always an LE Family member ready to support you, answer your questions and help you thrive as a nail professional.  


Because we formulate and manufacture all of our gel and acrylic products at our Oregon-based facility, we are able to produce high-quality nail products unlike any other on the market. Everything happens under one roof, here at LEHQ so we can ensure complete control over what goes into our products and be meticulous about our quality control. 

Years of research and development inspired our vast selection of less allergenic, easy-to-apply gels and acrylics for all skin tones, nail types and styles—from natural nails to elaborate extensions. We’re meticulous about quality control, so you can be confident our products will look, feel and perform beautifully every time.

It is our mission to educate nail professionals and clients alike to elevate the industry we are all so passionate about. We’re accomplishing this by freely sharing important product safety and chemistry information that affects service performance and health—for both nail professionals and their clients. 
Light Elegance Chemists

Why does LE choose to be 100% HEMA Monomer Free?
Many brands use HEMA monomer because it is good for adhesion and cheap and is therefore popular among many manufacturers that choose price over quality. We choose to formulate without by avoiding ingredients such as HEMA, HEA, IBOA and other ingredients known to be more likely to create an allergic response.

At LE, we always formulate our products using only the highest-quality ingredients and choose ingredients less likely to cause allergic responses. This is why LE has such an extremely low number of confirmed allergic responses.

We believe we have a huge responsibility to keep the industry as safe as possible. This is why we choose to make all of our products from scratch here in Oregon, choose only the finest raw materials and formulate without using ingredients more likely to have an allergic response.

To learn more about the science and chemistry of gel nail products from Head Chemist and Co-Owner of Light Elegance, Jim McConnell, check out LE's YouTube series, Chemist Corner. 

Why should I choose LE?
Not only is education and chemistry important to LE, but the high-quality, advanced performance of our products help you become even more successful in the salon!

LE products are manufactured with efficiency, long-wear and of course, beauty in mind. From your everyday tools and salon essentials, curing lamps and eFiles to builder gels and of course color, LE has a high performing product to suit the needs of every nail pro and client. 

Why should I join the LE Family?
Light Elegance is not only a family-owned and operated company, but when you choose to use LE, you are joining a supportive network of Nail Professionals, Educators, Chemists and family members who are ready to support you throughout your nail career journey. 

The LE Family is not limited to the team here at LEHQ, but also includes our amazing Distributors from around the world, talented educators, and YOU, the nail professional! 

Our #NewtoLE Facebook Group is just one of the resources we have created to further connect with our LE Family and offer support to nail pros. 

In this supportive group, we discuss everything from product knowledge and application, to tips and tricks, troubleshooting and more! 
Join the group for live Q&A’s, in-depth education from LE Educators, nail chemistry lessons and so much more! Engage with our community and reach out for support so your nails and salon business can thrive while using LE! Join Now

These core pillars translate to cutting-edge products that allow you to express your creativity and wow your clients. Our success is tied to yours, and collaboration is what makes the LE family so strong.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the LE Family movement on our journey to make a safer, stronger industry for nail professionals everywhere!

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