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Is Your Salon Pedi Ready? | #Pedicure Must-Haves | Nail Salon

Is Your Salon Pedi Ready? | #Pedicure Must-Haves | Nail Salon

Spring is just around the corner, and along with warmer days, flower nail art and pastel designs comes sandal season and pedicure weather! Is your salon pedi ready?

Now is a great time to remind clients to schedule a pedi to get their feet ready for sandals and their toes looking fab for the season! 

Make sure your salon is stocked for spring and check out these three must-have products for spring pedis so your salon is ready! 

The Q&Lu Spa Essentials line features four easy, multi-functional products for manicures, pedicures and home care that will transform your services—and your skin!

Your client's nail appointment is often their moment to prioritize self-care, and with a Q&Lu pedicure, it's an easy way for them to relax and enjoy their service to the fullest!

Here's what Nail Pros are saying about the Q&Lu Spa Essentials Line

"I’ve tried quite a few pedicure systems, and they’ve been pretty nice…but to hear my clients say “I think this is the best one yet!” that means I have found a gem!

The massage oil matched with a warm towel and then finished off with a bamboo lotion massage has my clients over the moon! The quality is out of this world, like for real. I would probably say the oil was the biggest “wow factor” for me…it absorbs into the skin so quickly! Even in combination with the lotion—no more wiping off excess lotion before my clients put their shoes on…that always felt so wasteful to me!" - Harlee

LE's award-winning Q&Lu can also be sold as retail in your salon! Don't forget, clients love to take the spa experience home and the Q&Lu Spa Essentials line is perfect for at-home self care! Shop Now


LED MiniDot

The all-new Light Elegance LED MiniDot offers the same industry-leading curing power as the popular LEDdot curing lamp at a fraction of the price by virtue of its compact and streamlined design.  

The MiniDot fits perfectly on your pedicure chair foot-rest (no need to balance a large lamp!) and with the ability to easily cure the whole foot, it's a must-have for pedis!

LED MiniDot Features
✅ Affordable price & perfect for pedicures⁣⁣
✅ 3 powerful LED emitters deliver strong 400 nm curing⁣⁣
✅ 4 finger, thumb & whole-foot curing!⁣⁣
✅ Strong cure strength in a compact design⁣⁣
✅ Easy 1-button operation with 60 second cure cycle⁣⁣
✅ Cures all LE gels & most LED gels on the market⁣⁣
✅ Dimensions: 5” W x 2” H x 4” D (130 x 55 x 100 mm) ⁣ 


P+ Gel Polish Pencils & Paintbrushes is the perfect muddled mauve. Soft pink meets lights purple to create this mauve shade, light and sweet enough for stunning Spring styles.

P+ Gel Polish makes pedicures quick and easy with its easy 3-step system and quick 7-minute soak-off removal when used with P+ QDbase!

Pair P+ Pencils & Paintbrushes with any P+ Glitter Gel from the new Artist P+CG/GG Spring 2022 collection and you've got yourself the perfect pedi!

Make sure your salon is prepared for pedicure season and stock up on Q&Lu, break out your MiniDot and paint with P+ Gel Polish! 

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