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How To: Customize Nail Forms | Where to Cut and How to Fit? | New MAXForm

How To: Customize Nail Forms | Where to Cut and How to Fit? | New MAXForm

Properly fitting nail forms can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be if you know how to customize your forms!

Each client and every nail for each client will most likely need a small customization to properly fit the nail and avoid any product leaks or faulty product application. 

Check out the tips below to learn how easy customizing a form can be with the NEW MAXForm by LE!

When you first apply the form, look for two things:
1. How the free edge of the natural nail meets with the form. Look for any gaps to see if an additional cut is needed to close a gap at the free edge. The LEpro Curved Blade Precision Scissors are perfect for making this curved cut!

2. Take a look at how the form fits the sides of the natural nail's free edge. Do you need to make relief cuts? The MAXForm features visibly marked relief cuts making it easy to note where you need to make your cuts! 

*Pro tip #1- Be sure to consider the shape of the finished nail you are creating. In order to create the perfect nail extension, tilting the form up or down slightly for the intended shape is crucial to achieving a sleek, properly shaped nail! (Keep reading for each shape's tilt direction)

*Pro tip #2- Pinch the free edge tabs of the form together before applying the form to the client to ensure you have a perfectly straight form that is easy to slide off and on the client while you are customizing. 

Once you have established where you need to make your relief cuts, use the LEpro Straight Blade Precision Scissors to make your cuts. Don't be afraid to cut all of the "extra" form out for easy placement.

After you have made your relief cuts and any other cuts, place the form back onto the nail and ensure the form fits perfectly, without any gaps.

As mentioned above, it's important to know the shape you are creating when adjusting your forms. Various shapes require a slight "tilt" of the form in order to ensure the product can be filed into shape properly.

Square or Coffin: Straight or slightly tipped up for extra long lengths
Round, Oval, Almond and Stiletto: Slightly tipped down

Once the form is in proper position, pinch the rest of the tabs together.

*Pro Tip #3- Once your form is adjusted and the fit is perfect, feel free to cut the extra length of the tabs so the client can easily move their hand into and out of the lamp!

When your nail forms fit properly, the final nail shape comes together beautifully! 
We hope these customization tips have helped you fit your forms! 

Why Choose the MAXForm?

✅No pinching needed
✅Printed relief cuts for custom fit
✅Retains shape for long extensions
✅Perforated tear line for sport length
✅Shape guidelines for easy reference
✅Numbered free edge for precise length
✅Better stability and strong adhesive tabs
✅Durable foundation for any enhancement
Perfect for all shapes, sizes and nail beds

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