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NEW "The Candy Shop" Spring 2023 Collection by LE

NEW "The Candy Shop" Spring 2023 Collection by LE

This Spring, we invite you to enter The Candy Shop, the latest—and sweetest—on-trend collection by Light Elegance. Sugary delights abound, with shades ranging from soft and succulent creams to puckeringly-bright glitters sure to touch every tastebud and complete every Spring style. Shop Now

Each candied color has been carefully crafted by the LE Color Team as part of this complementary palette designed to make palates water and clients smile with delight!

Let The Candy Shop sweeten your Spring look with a range of colors that are anything but bland.  Dentists beware, The Candy Shop is one collection worth indulging in, and the toothbrush is sold separately! Shop Now

Lezlie McConnell, co-founder and co-owner of Light Elegance, says this release is the latest result of the company’s commitment to offering nail professionals with top-quality, versatile and responsibly-formulated products that make creativity in the salon fast and easy.

“Fashion for Spring is showing so many soft, sweet and beautiful pastels,” said Lezlie.  “When analyzing the Spring trends, we immediately thought of fresh, fun nails that reminded us of our favorite Candy Shop! What is sweeter than candy—or more fun?  Between the minty fresh green, the bold carnation pink and the soft, delicate yellow you will be sure to have a sweet tooth all Spring long!

Nothing brings us more joy than having a bit of sugary sweetness in our lives, and the ultimate sweetener this Spring is The Candy Shop collection!  We know that you nail pros will have so much fun with this collection and color combinations that make delivering your client the ultimate sugar rush easy!” -Lezlie McConnell, Light Elegance Owner and Color Mother

All six new colors are available in three HEMA monomer free formulations—LE ButterCream, LE Color Gel and P+ Gel Polish—each designed to meet the everyday needs of nail pros and their clients. Shop Now

Why does Light Elegance have three color formulations?  The answer is simple: Light Elegance is committed to providing the highest quality gels formulated with the nail professional in mind.  Different application techniques demand different gels, and our team of in-house R&D chemists has just the gel for you! Let’s get to know the formulations! 

Are you a nail pro that likes to perfectly shape and structure a nail before applying color? 
ButterCream is made for you!  LE ButterCreams are highly opaque and apply in 1-2 thin coats without adding any unwanted thickness to your already-perfected nail shape.  Finish with Super Shiny, and you’ve created a gorgeous hard gel nail that will last 4+ weeks and turn heads along the way.


Are you a nail pro that wants a long-lasting color product with the ease of brush-bottle application and soak-off removal?
P+ Gel Polish is made for you!  Featuring 21+ day wear and gorgeous, highly-pigmented color right out of the bottle, P+ Gel Polish is perfect for nail pros and clients that want to know they can remove their enhancements without filing on the natural nail.  Apply over P+ QDbase for the fastest removal, or apply over JimmyGel building base in a bottle for added strength and length in a soakable extension.  PRO TIP: P+ Gel Polish also applies beautifully over Lexy Line hard gels and acrylics.  If you like the ease of brush-bottle application, look no further!

Are you a nail pro that wants a forgiving color product that helps complete your shaping and hides imperfections?
LE Color Gel is made for you!  LE Color Gels are self-leveling and add some strength and thickness to the nail.  These properties allow LE Color Gel to help complete your structure and hide imperfections underneath.  Just like ButterCreams, LE Color Gels are an indestructible hard gel with 4+ week wear and brilliant color.

All Light Elegance Hard Gels and P+ Gel Polishes are 100% free of HEMA monomer, long lasting and are packed with premium frosts, shimmers and glitters. LE Glitter Gels are the best, brightest and longest-lasting on the market. Turn heads and wow clients with every set!

Get to know each of the 12 brand-new, on-trend shades for spring in LE's latest reveal video with Lezlie and Lexy! You can also read more about the shades here

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