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Summer 2021 Dreaming in Color P+/CG/GG Collection by Light Elegance

Redmond, OR—(January, 2021) Light Elegance, a leading innovator of 100% HEMA-free professional-grade UV and LED gel nail products and acrylic nail systems, today announced the debut of its Summer 2021 Dreaming in Color LE Color Gel, Glitter Gel and all-new P+ Gel Polish collection. 

Dreams have the power to inspire, enchant and amaze us, and the new Summer 2021 Dreaming in Color collection by Light Elegance captures these powerful emotions in each of its 12 new on-trend shades. You’ll think you’re dreaming as you indulge in rich creams, sparkling shimmers and glamorous glitters that just might make you pinch yourself, just to make sure you’re awake.  Whether you want to dream up a soft, pillowy sail through the clouds or a neon dance through the city nightlife, Dreaming in Color has the perfect palette to complete your look and make your dreams come true.

Lezlie McConnell, co-founder and co-owner of Light Elegance, says this release is the latest result of the company’s commitment to offering nail professionals with top-quality, versatile and responsibly formulated products. Dreaming in Color will release in the all-new soak-off P+ Gel Polish formulation alongside award-winning LE Color and Glitter Gels to meet the needs of every nail professional, service and client.

 “Color is anything we want it to be. Whether it’s soft or bold, quiet or loud, color affects us all differently, and dreams are no different. Both dreaming and color can be a necessary escape and a rescue,” said Lezlie. “This collection captures every kind of dream through color, from the sweetest to the wildest, and fills us with inspiration and hope—something we can never have enough of.

Color is where creativity comes to life. When we dream, color becomes vivid, personal and emotional, and Dreaming in Color allows that passionate process to unfold in the salon.

Dreaming in Color has an on-trend shade for every emotion and every dream, and nail art is the ultimate expression of those dreams.” - Lezlie McConnell, Light Elegance Owner and Color Mother

 Light Elegance UV/LED Color & Glitter Gels and P+ Gel Polishes are 100% free of HEMA monomer, last 3+ weeks and are packed with premium pigments, frosts and shimmers. LE Glitter Gels are the best, brightest and longest-lasting on the market. Turn heads and wow clients with every set!



 Counting Coral Sheep: If you’re looking for a bright coral—look no further! This creamy bright coral definitely leans more towards the pink side. This color is a bright coral-pink that is bold and beautiful.

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream

 Dream On: A rich, pink lavender that is more pink than purple. This dreamy shade is a bright pastel pink with a cool undertone and as fresh as a summer dress! 

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream

 Fuchsia Fantasy: A bold, bright and daring fantasy! This fuchsia pink is laced with fine sparkly shimmer. This fuchsia pink will capture attention and when the light hits it just right, the shimmer makes quite an impression.

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Shimmer

 Night Terror Teal: A creamy, fun and bright-green teal. For this shade, blue meets green with a hint of more green than blue. This color is not for the timid—it’s a playful delight for summer! 

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream

 Power Nap: A creamy, ballet slipper pink. This delicate pink is not bright, but a subdued neutral pink that is easy to wear year-round. This will be a favorite for the people who love neutrals! 

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream

 Sandman Tan: A light creamy go-to nude. This buff color is a combination of a light tan and a soft rose but leans more towards tan. It’s an outstanding neutral that can be worn year-round.

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream


De-Ja-Blue: Fine pieces of soft aqua blue lightly laced with large iridescent pretties. This green and blue glitter come together to make a tranquil and serene aqua.

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter

 In My Happy Place: Soft and sweet lavender and pink jewel tones mix with small and medium pieces that flash and shine with an iridescent sparkle.

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter

 Pinch Me Pink: This pink glitter is a blend of small neon pink matte pieces with just a sprinkle of fine twinkle throughout. It’s a hot pink, matte glitter that is truly unique.

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter

 Restful Rose: A sparkly cinnamon rose gold glitter. Fine pieces of rose and gold come together with fun flashes of light copper sparkles.

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter

 Sleepy Time: This is a calm, sweet glitter gel. This perfect peachy tan is soft and quiet, but won’t put you to sleep!

Coverage: Semi-Sheer, Effect: Glitter

 Tangerine Dream: Soft and delicate make for this low-key tangerine orange glitter gel. Muted yellows, golds and greens combine for a delicately neutral glitter.

Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter


More about the all-new P+ Gel Polish System

P+ Gel Polish is the latest HEMA-monomer free innovation from Light Elegance and builds upon the success of Light Elegance’s popular JimmyGel Building Base in a bottle, offering the same hard-gel performance in a soak-off system. Like JimmyGel, P+ Gel Polish lasts for weeks and incorporates a perfect blend of strength and flexibility formulated for the nail professional.

With both the health of the client and nail professional in mind, P+ is formulated to be a safer gel polish option and does not contain any HEMA monomer or common ingredients known to cause allergies in clients or nail pros. P+ is also 9-free, cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free which makes it a gel polish nail professionals can be proud to use and clients can be proud to wear—safely, too.

 Each batch of P+ is rigorously quality checked at Light Elegance Headquarters, and in-house R&D at the Oregon-based facility means they create everything from scratch. This means unprecedented consistency in color and performance, batch after batch.

P+ is incredibly versatile, offering a solution for every service. Lush P+ Gel Polishes and Glitter Gel Polishes can be applied over JimmyGel, Lexy Line hard gels, acrylic or the all-new P+ QDbase coat. The innovative P+ QDbase coat is designed to accelerate the removal of P+ Gel Polish, allowing the product to soak-off in just 7 minutes.


Why the P+ Gel Polish System

  • Rigorous quality control at our Redmond, Oregon facility means consistent color and performance, batch after batch.
  • Twice the glitter in every P+ Glitter Gel Polish!
  • P+ features high opacity allowing thin, elegant application without adding unwanted thickness to the nail.
  • The advanced P+ formulation applies like lacquer for easy, satisfying application with an all-new premium brush.
  • The 15 ml P+ bottle combined with the thin application thickness means less cost on every service.
  • Like all Light Elegance gels, P+ is 100% free of HEMA monomer and is responsibly manufactured in Redmond, Oregon using only premium ingredients.
  • P+ is also 9-free, cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free which makes it a gel polish nail professionals can be proud to use and clients can be proud to wear—safely, too.
  • P+ is formulated with the nail professional in mind and provides an easy solution for every service, whether performing a fill using JimmyGel or completely removing with QDbase.
  • P+ has the ideal balance of strength and flexibility incorporating advanced gel technology perfected by years of in-house R&D in Redmond, Oregon.
  • Due to the strength of the formulation, P+ lasts 21+ days without wearing along the free edge like so many gel polishes.
  • P+ Gel Polish is formulated to file quickly with little effort for easy fills using JimmyGel or Lexy Line hard gels.
  • When used with P+ QDbase coat, P+ Gel Polish soaks-off in just 7 minutes (filing through the top coat required).
  • New premium packaging with bottles shaped like the iconic Light Elegance Round Bottom Flask logo!

 Shop the NEW Summer 2021 Dreaming in Color collection

About Light Elegance

Light Elegance (LE) is a Redmond, Oregon-based developer and manufacturer of professional-grade UV and LED gel nail products, acrylic nail systems and related accessories. LE nail products are odorless, easy to apply and can be used with both full-sets and fills. In addition to its vast inventory of color gels, glitter gels and paints, LE also offers a wide range of non-yellowing products that can be applied to gels, acrylics, wraps and natural nails.

 Founded in 1999 by luxury salon owner Lezlie McConnell and her polymer chemist husband, Jim, LE was established on the principles of chemistry, quality and community—tenets that remain paramount as the company moves into the next generation of leadership with daughter, Lexy, and son-in-law, Joseph.

In-house R&D at our Oregon-based facility means we create everything from scratch. The result? Responsible products that are vegan, cruelty-free, 9-free and HEMA-free that make you free to express your creativity and wow your clients. We believe that what’s inside matters.

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