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Wedding Guest & Bridesmaids Nail Trends | Wedding Guest Nail Art Inspiration

Wedding Guest & Bridesmaids Nail Trends | Wedding Guest Nail Art Inspiration

Wedding season is here and with that comes the excitement of choosing the perfect nail color for the occasion. As a wedding guest or bridesmaid, you want to ensure that your nails are on point and in line with the latest trends. In this blog, we'll discuss some of the most popular nail trends for 2023 that are perfect for wedding season!

  1. Soft Pastels
    Pastel colors are always in trend for weddings, and they will continue to be in 2023. Soft pastels, such as blush pink, lavender, baby blue, and mint green, are perfect for adding a touch of femininity to your look. These colors are subtle and understated, making them a perfect choice for bridesmaids who want to complement their dresses without overpowering them.

    Take a look at the new Spring 2023 collection from LE, The Candy Shop, for on-trend spring pastels. 

    pastel nails | spring nails | bridesmaids nails
  2. French manicure with a twist: The classic French manicure has been reinvented for 2023, with a twist. Instead of the traditional white tips, bridesmaids and wedding guests are opting for metallic, glitter, or ombre tips. This adds a touch of glam to the traditional look, making it perfect for a wedding.

  3. Floral Nail Art 
    Florals are perfect for bridesmaids who want to add a delicate pop of color to their nail look. Choose a floral pattern that complements your dress or opt for a contrasting color for a more eye catching look. 

    Flower Nails | Spring NAils | Floral Nails | Wedding Guest Nails
  4. Nude Overlays
    Nude shades are a timeless classic and are perfect for weddings. These neutral shades complement any outfit and are perfect for a minimalist look. Choose a nude shade that matches your skin tone for a natural look or opt for a shade that is slightly darker for a more sophisticated look.

    Nude Bridal Nails | Neutral Nails | Bridesmaids nails
  5. Metallic, Shimmer & Chrome Nails (aka - Glazed Donut Nails)
    Metallic nails are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your bridesmaids wedding look. Whether it's chrome over a soft pink, silver metallic, or rose gold, shimmery shades are perfect for bridesmaids who want to make a statement. Metallic nails are versatile and can be paired with any outfit!

    Metallic Nails | Shimmer Nails | Chrome Nails | Glazed Donut Nails

There are many nail trends for 2023 that are perfect for wedding guests and bridesmaids. Soft pastels, French manicure with a twist, neutral shades, and metallic nails are just a few of the trends that you can choose from. Whatever you choose, make sure it complements your outfit and reflects your personal style.

With these trends in mind, you're sure to have the perfect nails for any wedding celebration whether you're up there with your bestie bride-to-be or admiring the ceremony from the .

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