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Tabytha Scott takes over the LE Instagram with a LIVE Tutorial using Cashmere and Delicate Peach

Tabytha Scott takes over the LE Instagram with a LIVE Tutorial using Cashmere and Delicate Peach

Tabytha Scott of @tabythascott_nails takes over the @LightEleganceHQ Instagram for a LIVE nail tutorial using the NEW MAXForm and Structure Shades Cashmere Extreme and Delicate Peach Builder from LE! 

Take a look at the live recording to learn more about LE's new structure shades, discover new application techniques and get inspired with nail art designs! 


Light Elegance worked closely with industry leader and YouTube sensation, Tabytha Scott of Tabytha Scott Nails (@tabythascott_nails,, to ensure the new shades complemented as many skin tones as possible. Tabytha shared her passion for color and the color creation process as follows.

“People come in all different shades and the more variety to choose from the more we can ensure that there is a tone and color to fit everybody,” said Tabytha.  “Light Elegance is high-quality and everyone deserves access to high quality products that feel welcoming to them, especially as far as color is concerned. 

JimmyGel is an amazingly versatile product and the addition of ‘Delicate Peach’ ensures that this wonderful product can be used on even more hands.  ‘Cashmere Pink’ is an excellent extension to the ‘pinks’ in the Lexy Line along with ‘Delicate Peach’.

Both of these colors were important to create and look complimentary on a variety of skin tones from fair to deep. ‘Delicate Peach’ is a beautiful peachy warm tone that stands-out amongst the current JimmyGel and Lexy Line colors. ‘Cashmere Pink’ is a warmer toned and more muted pink that will be a great addition to every nail tech’s arsenal no matter their clientele demographic.

Both colors can be applied sheer or in combination with existing JimmyGel or Lexy Line products to create even more custom looks to bring a variety of nail bed tones to life. It was an absolute pleasure to watch this come to fruition from a vision to actual products for all shades of us to enjoy.” -Tabytha Scott

Check out Tabytha's latest nail tutorial video on YouTube and subscribe for more educational tutorials using LE!

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